Male Celebrities Who Wear Makeup

What a woman can do…..

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Years back, male celebrities wearing makeup was seen as something absurd, and it was unheard of. People would make such a huge big deal out of it. David Beckham was spotted at one time wearing nail polish, and fans went haywire. But today’s society has embraced the fact some men love wearing makeup and, at times, nail polish. International celebrities like Jeffree Star have made makeup hi signature look. No lie, he looks way better than some women in makeup. He has also mastered the art of makeup and how to be perfect at it.

No doubt, not everyone is going to agree with men wearing makeup or nail polish. This is why some are comfortable showcasing their hidden talents, while some only do it at the comfort of their homes for no one to see. 

Some fans are really advocating for it to be okay for men to wear makeup if they want to do it. Others think that men being allowed to wear makeup is not a topic they want to involve themselves in. Here are four male celebrities who wear makeup. Some are doing it for fun while others are doing it for passion; to some, makeup makes them feel comfortable and brings out the best in them.

Dennis Karuri 

Dennis Karuri is among the most sought out makeup artist, both celebrities and non-celebrities. His work is perfect, and you can easily tell by his work on social media. Funny enough, Dennis studied Agribusiness and Food Industry management on campus. For him, makeup is self-taught. While trying to make ends meet, he decided to try to look for money applying makeup. He revealed that he used to practice often on his sister's face. 

Eric Omondi is a comedian who will never shy away from speaking his mind. The comedian once in a while makes short videos on his Instagram imitating how Nairobi girls behave. He is never shy to wear not only makeup but even dresses, stilettos, and a wig.

Kevin Mwangi

Kevin Mwangi is popularly known as Shaniqua. He used to make short videos that were so funny that he landed a major role on KTN. He had his own show, which only aired for a few months. Later on, he became a show host for KTN’s life and style show, which he then quit after some time.

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