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Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami and BBC journalist Makena Njeri have had a very close relationship that has led many to speculate their sexuality.

A week ago, they made headlines after they posted pictures of them together looking all lovey dovey. The two had gone on a trip to the beach and were complementing each other with lovely messages.

Makena is finally tired of people speculating and has decided to speak up about the whole matter.

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Speaking to a local blog during the launch of a leading fashion house Devine Collections, where she is the brand ambassador, Makena said,

‘We’re very good friends who make a lot of waves in the country where we sit and of course globally. We are about boldness, intentionally and just spreading love across the continent even the whole world. Look at us as people who are very intentional in every single thing that we push.’

She pampered her BFF with love and she said,

"Michelle is my amazing and good friend and that’s what people should understand and just also understand the kinds of brands that we are and stop the small little talks which don’t actually make sense."
Speaking of her very unique style, Makena said;

"I have always dressed myself. I get clothes from all different places in the world so this was an opportunity to look at a Kenyan brand and say if you’re bold, if you believe you can be able to help me at least in one way or another then definitely we can do something."

She added,

"My style is very bold because I believe I am a bold human being so I carry it through and through. I’m butch and not a tomboy."

It seems the only thing between the two ladies is pure sisterhood and friendship. They are definitely friendship goals.

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