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Makena Njeri, or Chris Makena if you like has called out the Kenya Film Classification Board, KFCB, for banning a 52-minute film called I am Samuel.
Makena took it to Instagram and mocked the board for using Christianity's agenda to stop progress and inclusivity. The board said that the film was demeaning Christianity and that is among the reasons why it was banned.

On the basis of religion as a classifiable element, the Board finds the documentary not only blasphemous but also an attempt to use religion to advocate same sex marriage
I am Samuel is a short documentary that was about a guy who fell in love with another guy and he was trying to convince his parents that is who he was and that they should try to understand him. In the film, you can see his parents trying everything, including prayers but they fail to ‘change’ their son. Basically, the film is featuring the marriage of two men and as it ends, it is being dedicated to the gay community.

The reason why the Kenya Film Classification Board banned the film was that it had a homosexuality theme. The board recently released a statement and according to them, the film was violating the laws regarding homosexuality. 

For the avoidance of doubt, restricted in this case means that the film is prohibited from exhibition, distribution, possession or broadcasting within the Republic of Kenya
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KFCB further added that as they were examining the film, they felt like the producers were deliberately trying to promote same-sex marriage and making it become something that should be accepted in today's way of life. 

This attempt is evident through the repeated confessions by the gay couple that what they feel for each other is normal and should be embraced as a way of life, as well as the characters' body language, including scenes of kissing of two male lovers

The board adds that the producers and directors are trying to influence viewers into believing that the current generation and even the old one, which was strongly anti LGBTQ, are now slowly getting to understand the practice and accepting that same-sex marriage is okay. 

The board has called upon all filmmakers to adhere to the rules before submitting their films for examination and to ensure that they have classified the age as it is needed.

Makena came out as gay a few months ago and ever since, she has been trying to fight for the rights and inclusivity of the LGBTQ community. She started her own network, Bold Network Africa. Her aim is to make Africans have a better understanding of the LGBTQ community and how they can freely live their lives without being judged or looked down upon. I would say, her coming out was so bold and influenced a number of other celebrities.

Actress Njambi recently came out and said she supports the members of the LGBTQ. What do you think about this? Should we have the LGBTQ conversation? If yes, how do we go about it? What steps should be followed because I know this is a sensitive issue that has so much to it. 

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