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As it is said, nothing can measure the weight of friendship, but for Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena, it is the chemistry they had on TV screens that told it all.

The friendship between the two media personalities has continued even after Kanze left Citizen TV for a new job at the State House a few years ago.

On her birthday, Lulu penned a heartfelt message to Kanze expressing how grateful she was for their friendship.

Lulu noted that she would use the special day to thank God for all that Kanze's friendship has meant for her over the years.

"Your birthday is a beautiful occasion all by itself. However, for me, it’s a special day allowing me to thank God for all that your friendship has meant to me," Lulu said.

In her birthday message, Lulu referred to Kanze as a mummy, a word commonly used to refer to someone who is not only special but has a great significance in one's life.

"Happy Birthday mamii ❤❤❤❤ @kanze_dena," she said.

Reacting to a photo of both Lulu and Kanze, their former colleague at Citizen TV Anne Mawathe noted how cute the two looked in the photo, arguing that the photo should win an award.

"Ohhhhh Kaydeee look at you two...hii picha should be entered for an award 😂 ....Happy birthday," Mawathe said.

Kanze agreed with Mawathe's comment on the photo saying, the photo has a thesis.

"@annemawathe thank you mama...hii picha hii ina thesis,"
Kanze said.

Speaking to Parents magazine back in 2018, Kanze revealed that her friendship with Lulu began way back even before they worked for Citizen.

She revealed that their first interaction began on  Facebook before Lulu invited her for her son's birthday.

"We used to chat on Facebook, for about a year and we met during her son's first birthday," Kanze told the magazine.
Lulu Hassan crying during Kanze Dena's farewell ceremony at Citizen TV. Photo: Courtesy

The two later met at Royal Media where they hosted Citizen TV's weekend Swahili bulletin, Nipashe Wikendi,  for five years.

It was at Citizen that their friendship grew stronger until when Kanze departed for the State House job and was later replaced by Lulu's husband, Rashid Abdalla.
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