Lovy Longomba Hangs Out With Akon And Chris Brown

Singer bought property worth Ksh900 million

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Lovy Longomba returned home after leaving the country sixteen years ago in search of greener pasture in the US.

In an interview with Jalang'o, Lovy revealed that he and his brother Christian moved to the US after realizing that they were not getting enough reward for their talent.

"We left because we felt that what we were doing was not getting enough reward at that time," Lovy said.

He further noted that going to the US gave the growth and a wider global reach.

According to Lovy, the Kenyan entertainment industry is not well-organized, and that's why musicians like Nameless can't compare with Diamond.
Lovy Longombas says he bought a church worth Ksh950 million. Photo: Courtesy

He also revealed that they left singing after his brother, Christian fell ill. He, therefore, switched his focus to producing.

"When Christian fell sick, I focused on producing. I produced for people like Justine Bieber, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, and many others," he told Jalang'o.

" I have also been nominated for the grammy awards three times."

Talking about his life in the US, Lovy who has now turned into a prophet revealed that he lives in Calabasas, Los Angeles, the same hood other top music stars live.

"I stay in Calabasas, an area where Kanye West, Akon, Chris Brown lives," he said,

He also revealed that the late Kobe Bryant's basketball gym is also located in the same area he lives.

"Akon lives just 5 minutes away from where I live. He visits me a lot of time," he added.
Lovy and his late brother Christian. Photo: Courtesy

Lovy further revealed his church which he bought about four or five months ago is also within the areas.

He revealed that he bought the church property at $8.75 million (Ksh.950,298,125).

Speaking of his brother's death, Lovy said he is still having difficulty in coping up with the situation but hopes to be better with time.
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