Lilian Muli Does It Again

She tells it like it is with no fear.

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Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli, one of Kenya’s most celebrated news anchors, celebrates her 37th birthday today. Lilian is almost clocking 20 years now in the anchoring business. Muli started her career at KTN news before moving to Citizen TV. 

Over the years, her style has changed as she assumes different roles but one thing has remained constant; her love for short dresses and long wigs. Besides her evolving style, Lilian has been known to be quite controversial sometimes.

Here's a look at how she's made the news over the years.

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Lilian Muli gets dragged for her fake boobs

She might be the best at what she does, but she will not allow anyone to drag her down especially when it comes to her looks. Lilian Muli hit back at a fan who was trying to body shame her on social media.

Muli shared a photo on Instagram while at work which in turn attracted a rude comment from a fan. The sassy presenter who had put on a bit of weight and a bigger bosom after her pregnancy was turned off by the comment.

The fan commented on the post saying that Muli has been padding her chest with a mattress so that it can look bigger.  

Muli did not take kindly to this and gave a subtle clapback that sent the fan packing.  

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Lilian Muli chases the men she wants

Lilian Muli’s life was put on display when she married her ex and later got divorced after seven years of marriage. The rumor was that her ex-husband was abusive and had been unfaithful. She hooked up with another man, but that relationship didn't last either.

Things took a turn a day after sharing that she hates getting approached by men but rather prefers chasing them herself. Muli now claimed her social media channels were awash with inboxes from men begging her to date them.

However, she publicly called the latest baby daddy a serial cheat and community husband. So what kind of men does she chase? 

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Lilian Muli's wardrobe malfunction on TV

Lilian Muli took her viewers by surprise with her inimitable and rather, unconventional style of dressing while on TV. She loves short skirts and this time she had a chiffon dress on that gave Kenyans a glimpse of her inner thighs.

The look was a refreshing yet unorthodox one, given that news anchors had always avoided thigh-high dresses while working.

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She captioned the photo saying:

"Ever told someone about something that was stressing you and instantly regretted it? Well here's what you do when you are stressed...shut your mouth, pray to God, Dress up and show up!"

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