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Popular Cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia on Tuesday, January 23, 2023, revealed her new hairstyle to his fans. The content creator showed her fans her new braided hair and many could not keep calm after seeing her.

Accompanying the photo was the caption “The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful, and a beautiful woman unforgettable.”
Kelvin Kinuthia stunned everyone last week when he shared a selfie of himself and his cameraman wearing matching white veils and referring to the latter as his best friend.

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On the basis of the image, nobody appeared to think Waweru is only the influencer's friend. Many people appeared to think that the two "best friends" had a covert relationship.
The influencer then met with Word Is to clarify that, in contrast to what some have been claiming, the two had never been romantically involved. He continued by claiming that they became buddies after meeting online.

On the other side, Waweru denied the assertions that they cohabitate and that Kinuthia covers his expenses.

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Kinuthia has further chastised those who have assumed the worst about his sexual orientation, telling them to calm down and wait until he is ready to discuss it.
The video producer has gained notoriety as a result of the way he dresses; from his nails and hairstyle to his designer clothes, he enjoys dressed like a woman.

Kinuthia said that it was initially difficult for others to comprehend his decisions, which is likely why he chose not to dress as a woman for the burial in order to avoid drawing attention.

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Many people don't realize, claims Kinuthia, that he chooses to advertise for his brand while wearing women's clothing, accessories, and makeup.
He admitted that there was an occasion when he was prevented from entering the men's room because the security guard at the door mistook him for a woman.

Kinuthia recently acknowledged being in a relationship while choosing to remain mum about the person's identity in an interview with Felicity Shiru.

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Kinuthia added that the connection is still extremely nascent since he is debating whether to divulge the individual to the world or wait to see how seriously things are going.
"I wont say tuko hapo tunaona mtu hatujajua kama iko serious, labda ni uongo, hatutaki kumtaja for now, naeza sema"

Only a few days prior, he denied having a relationship with radio host Oga Obinna.

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This came about after an altered image of the two appeared online. Obinna uploaded the original image of himself with an unnamed woman while on vacation in Mombasa. However, the modified version depicts Kinuthia's face as it lies on Obinna's breast.

While canceling the rumors Kinuthia took to Instagram with the following statement,"mimi nikaa tu hapa kwa nyumba naenjoy 2023 kidogo kidogo nimeambiwa nikona @ogaobinna mombasa weeh hii 2023 mniache aki @ogaobinna ebu ambia hawa watu.

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