Khaligraph Jonse Flaunts His Kshs 200K Pet

Don’t mess with the OG

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Khaligraph Jones
Popular rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed that he is truly a baller by flaunting his very expensive pet for the whole world to see. 

Khaligraph took to his Instagram Stories to show himself taking his dog worth between Kshs 150k and Kshs 200 K for a walk around the neighborhood. The dog he was taking for a walk, however, wasn’t just your average mbwa koko. The dog in question is a Boerboel.

Screenshot of Khaligraph walking his expensive pet.

The Boerboel is a huge South African mastiff-type dog with a black mask and short coat. This breed is huge, with well-developed muscles and a powerful bone structure. It has a blocky head with a small distance between the stop and the nose. 

This is a dog certainly fit for its owner as they are both muscular and mean-looking. Khaligraph is certainly one who likes doing life big. Khaligraph Jones has seen success through his music and this has evidently changed his life.

The rapper is now living huge, driving expensive cars, owning exotic pets, and eating pretty well. Khaligraph, just as recently as last year, shared a video of his massive new mansion through his Instagram stories. The video was captured by Nairobi Gossip Club and was shared on their YouTube page.
Youtube embed

The rapper is clearly living large and enjoying every bit of it. There is no reason that he should not be enjoying it because his success has not come easy. 

We’ve seen this rapper struggle and come from almost nothing to be one of the greatest rappers in the continent, hailed by even rappers from abroad. 

Sifu Bwana

As he continues to perfect his craft and wow audiences all around the globe, Khaligraph recently gave fans something to enjoy when he did a funny clip of him singing a gospel song, that went viral, throughout the Kenyan internet.

After the success of the clip, the rapper announced that he is set to officially release his latest song Sifu Bwana, featuring one of Kenya’s most versatile artists, Nyashinski.

The song is based on the viral video posted by Khaligraph. The announcement that the two juggernauts are set to feature in a song together has left fans stunned and expecting a musical masterpiece 

Do you think Khaligraph and Nyashinski will deliver on this track?
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