Khaligraph Jones Is Not To Be Messed With

But people keep dragging him.

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Rapper Khaligraph Jones often referred to as Papa Jones, and is famous for his hit singles "Yego'' and "Mazishi" turns 31. Sharing two beautiful kids with his wife Georgina Muteti, Khaligraph has never shied away from posting his wife and kids on social media.

Although Khaligraph is considered to be one of Kenya's greatest artists, he most certainly does not get along with everyone. Remember that time when Octopizzo called him Panya Nono and when Cashy appeared from nowhere and claimed to have a kid with Khaligraph?

There's never a dull moment with these celebrities. As Khaligraph takes another trip around the sun, let's look at the times he set the TL ablaze because of his beefs with other artists. 

Khaligraph into drugs?

It's common to have artists in the industry that do not get along and to show that you will find them releasing diss tracks aimed at hurting each other. Bahati’s latest song Fikra za Bahati seems to have rubbed many the wrong way and Khaligraph is also one of them.

Bahati seemed to insinuate that Khaligraph has a big body because he takes a lot of steroids in the gym. Khaligraph did not take kindly to those words and clapped back at Bahati.

It seems it did not end there as the two kept on exchanging blows on Instagram.

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Khaligraph Jones receives a blow from Kibe

Khaligraph Jones has been getting flak from a lot of celebrities like Otile Brown, Octipizzo, Bein Aime Sol, and now Andrew Kibe.

Andrew Kibe went on in his online Radio Station Rogue TV on The Kibe Show and sarcastically referred to Khaligraph Jones' day with the deputy president and the other artists in the industry as a joke. He insinuated that Khaligraph was going to sell out to the government's regime at the expense of misleading Kenyans.

Did Khaligraph respond to this?

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Khaligraph dissed by Bien yet again

The beef between Khaligraph and Octopizzo seems to be getting bigger by the day, after Bien publicly abused Khaligraph. Bien let loose on Khaligraph after he commented on Bien's Instagram post, saying Bien and Navara looked rusty in the photo.

This did not sit well with Bien who opted to abuse the rapper instead, calling Papa Jones by his male parts. To make matter worse, Bien took another jab at Khaligraph about his hair and this really got ugly.

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Khaligraph beats Eric Omondi

Things took a sudden turn when the ongoing beef between Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones moved from the gym to YouTube.

When Eric Omondi claimed bragging rights after his Wife Material wedding vlog trended at number 1 for 5 days in a row, Khaligraph took the diss personally because he released his hit Wavy and Eric's number 1 spot came under immediate threat from Papa Jones.

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Khaligraph’s longest beef with fellow rapper Octopizzo

Kaligraph Jones, on his perennial beef with Octopizzo, says that though they have been going back and forth in their careers, it won’t happen anymore because they’re longer in the same league.

“I don’t respond with diss tracks unless it’s from abroad,” Jones said after being asked whether he’s planning to hit the studio anytime soon to respond to Octopizzo.

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