Kenyan Socialites Who Are Drowning In Poverty

Wanachapwa na maisha!

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Of all the socialites who are said to be drowning in poverty, Vanessa Chettle’s is the worst. Vanessa Cheruto used to be a cast on Kenya's reality Tv show, Nairobi Diaries. She used to live the life that most of us wanted. With every photo that she went to and every photo that she posted, she left most girls feeling all jelly. Today, all that has changed, she is a mother now and living fully in Eldoret. Vanessa doesn’t receive all the attention that she used to get in the past. She was among the youngest celebrities in the country. She was an attractive young lady. Ever heard about pretty girl privilege? Vanesa all that

Vanessa then started dating some unknown guy and got pregnant. and that is how things changed for her. Once she became a mother, she started living a life that many questioned if everything was going on well in her life.

She once posted the following on her Instagram page:

I don't mean To sound rude but y'all better f off! Busy with my kids in a safe and quiet environment looking after farms with my so called drug dealer friends. We are having fun and making money upcountry making wise investments instead of runing around Nairobi clubs surrounded by fake friends fake celebs and corny naijas.

In her recent photos, she looks, so beat. When people questioned her health, after a video of her smoking started doing rounds on social media. 

Here are other socialites whose lives took a turn after flaunting their riches on social media some time back. 

The Ghetto Princess

The Ghetto Princes AKA, Pendo was silenced by her scandal that she had failed to clear her hotel bills last year. She was arraigned at a Mombasa Court after her hotel bills accumulated to more than two hundred thousand Kenyan shillings. The initial bill was about three hundred thousand Kenyan shillings but she managed to pay a certain amount. This left many surprised since you know, the lavish life she used to portray on social media and on Nairobi Diaries. 

Vera Sidika 

Vera Sidika recently had a gender reveal party and was accused of being unable to pay five thousand Kenyan shillings. Could she broke or she just didn’t want to? Since she paid close to a hundred thousand shillings for the bottled water used at the party, how comes she could afford to pay the five thousand Kenyan shillings? 

Bridget Achieng was recently accused of being broke and flying to Nigeria to practice prostitution. The socialite’s nudes were shared online and she received a lot of backlashes. The socialite however rubbished that she is not struggling in life as many people had claimed. She recently took a trip to Dubai to prove her haters wrong. 


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