"Stop Sending Nudes!" - Kamene Goro Advises Ladies

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Kiss 100 radio presenter  Kamene Goro has come out to advise ladies not to take or send  nudes to men. She was speaking during her morning show on the station which she hosts with comedian Oga Obinna. 

“Baby girl never ever put your nudity or parts of it on record. Please, whether you trust him or he is the love of your life, never ever do it.”

“Because it always has a way of coming back to injure you. And sometimes you might think you are taking steps to protect yourself by clarifying or explaining, but at the end of the day that is a part of you that not everyone should see.”

“There is no one who can be in possession of a compromising picture of yours who would want to use it against you. Trust me I swear. Even if he is the love of your life now, and you are sending him those pictures to keep things nice and heart.

“That is now, what about 15 years down the line, will you still be with that same person, will he still respect you? Maybe you guys are going to break up 2 weeks down the line and he is going to be fed with you and send them to blogs or your mum. It is just not worth it”

“Just never do it, the moment it leaves your possession and it is in the possession of someone else, I  promise you, guaranteed, they will use it against you. That is the worst position for any woman to be in”

“If you have done it, find that person and have a conversation with them to get them back. If you have them in your possession delete them. If you’ve been taking them, stop. It is not worth it!”
Kamene Goro, source: Instagram

She was addressing the sensitive issue of nudes and them leaking online. We have had many instances where nudes are leaked online and they go viral on social media platforms. Most of the times nudes have been leaked, the suspects are usually former lovers or even current ones.

Once they are out there, they can never be controlled. From time to time old nudes resurface and go viral again. It is therefore hard for victims to move on as they will be reminded of them from time to time.

An example is Karen Lucas whose nudes resurfaced on social media this past week after she came out to defend the Alchemist against claims of racial discrimination. She started an online fight with keyboard warriors and it did not take time before they unleashed her nudes which leaked almost a decade ago.
Karen Lucas, source: Instagram

The saga of nudes getting leaked has also many a times been used to blackmail powerful individuals in the society including politicians and corporate leaders. The amount of dirt it paints on a person’s public image is usually far too big a price to pay that many end up giving in to the blackmail and pay up ridiculous amounts of money.

Still many people feel it is up to them to decide if they are willing to share their nudity with their loved ones and/or the whole world. For some , nudes leaking is not a big deal. They actually relish the clout it comes with.
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