Lost babies matter too-Kambua  Opens Up About Grieving For A Child

'The smallest coffins are the heaviest'

By  | Sep 23, 2022, 11:27 AM  | Kambua Mathu  | Top of The

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Gospel singer Kambua is yet to get over the loss of her first son Malachi.

Malachi who was her second baby with her husband Mathu passed on a few days after delivery. Kambua revealed how she had a team of doctors dedicated to saving his life but he did not make it.

Remembering her son, Kambua took to her Insta stories to express her grief. "The smallest coffins are the heaviest, one day I'll tell you about that. Not Today, Some day." Mama Nate wrote.
In addition to requesting that her supporters reach out to those who have lost children, she also described how difficult loss is and urged them to continue living their lives.

"If you know somebody who has had a carriage, stillbirth, infant loss, call them, text them if you can. Let them know they are loved, let them know their baby mattered." She wrote.
Kambua has remained positive and is doing a good job raising her son Nate.

She’s staying positive
Although heartbroken, Kambua and her husband, Jackson Mathu, are choosing to look at this tragic event as an act of grace. The singer wrote a long caption in her post explaining how the death was a way through which the child was healed and spared the pain and cares of this world. She goes on to say that their faith in God continues to be strong. The popular entertainer has also requested for some time as the family heals from this loss.

Celebrities and fans alike offer their condolences
The news comes as a shock to fans and well-wishing celebrities. Kambua was all set to embrace motherhood yet again and talked about how she was both grateful and hopeful about baby number 2 as she displayed her gorgeous baby bump in December last year. She even posted words of encouragement to all expectant mothers who are anxious about bringing children into this world during these trying times. So it only comes as a big heartbreak to all near and dear. Many celebrities posted their condolences in the comments including Brenda Warimu, Joyce Omondi, Talia Oyando, Pierra Mac, Terrence Creative and Mr. Seed to name a few. 

She’s keeping the faith
Kambua and her hubby had their first child, Nathaniel in August 2019. This was after 7 years of trying. The star talked about how her first pregnancy was nothing short of a miracle which happened just when she was about to lose all hope. She funnily reminisced about how she never suspected a bout of bloating was actually an early symptom of pregnancy. To her, both her pregnancies are miracles and reminder of God’s grace. She also spoke candidly about how anxious the pregnancy made her despite her happiness;
"I had a mixture of happiness and fear because I was anxious since being pregnant is one thing and carrying it is another thing. I then decided to keep away from social media for a while as it was a sacred time for me."
We hope Kambua and her family heal form this loss and wish them all the strength and peace at this tragic time.

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