Kambua Shares Challenges She Faced While Pregnant

'My doc was on speed dial'

By  | Sep 27, 2021, 10:08 AM  | Kambua Mathu  | Top of The

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Gospel minister Kambua is among the celeb moms who have joined the campaign, toa stress. The campaign is set to make it easier for every pregnant woman in the country to have an easier journey. From the minute a woman gets to know that she is pregnant to when she will deliver her baby.

Through the campaign, different celebs like Jemutai, Size 8, Mercy Masika, and Kambua shared their pregnancy struggles and journeys. At the beginning of the video, Kambua seems to be excited about this project she starts off very happy and excited and introduces herself as a mother of two. A mother to Nathaniel who is two years and Malachi who is in heaven. Kambua revealed that she suffered anxiety when she was expecting her firstborn son, Nathaniel. Kambua says being a first time mom, everything seemed to be a big deal to her.

I experienced different challenges because I have had high risk pregnancies and I remember with my first born son, it was just …the anxiety of being a first time mom. Every little thing was a big deal to me. 

Kambua said that she knows a number of people whose journeys in terms of pregnancies were smooth and easy and for her to watch her every move and the so many things she had to do to ensure that her baby was delivered safely was absurd to her. She reveals that Nathaniel was pre-term but he has grown up to be the strongest baby ever. Judging from the photos that Kambua shares, the truth is, he is the most healthiest and cutest baby there have been! Kambua talked about how she had to call her doctor even for the tiniest matters so that she could advise her on what to do. 

I had to have my doc on speed dial to have her walk me through the things I was experiencing. I was put on bed rest at some point and it was difficult for me. I know moms who have had easy pregnancies. So having to stay put in order to carry my baby to a safe point was a really big challenge. Nathaniel was born at thirty four weeks. He was pre-term. I had an emergency CS and it was tough.

Not many may know this but carrying a baby might not be easy as it seems. It comes with a lot of challenges to it. Only mothers would tell you this, they have experienced it all-first hand.  There is so much that is involved in pregnancies. From the minute a woman learns that she is expectant to when she will deliver. There is blood work, being on medication, and sometimes UTIs.  A number of women suffer from post partum depression.

This campaign, toa stress, is aiming at providing therapy and canceling after they have delivered their babies. Babies are beautiful, we all love them, and women are supposed to have a smooth journey bringing them into the world. We salute Kambua and all these celeb moms who have come forward to share their stories.

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