Kambua Mathu Biography: Clean Story Of 'Grass To Grace'

She's the gospel singer that has won many hearts.

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Kambua-Kenyan Gospel Singer
Kambua Mathu  is a gospel musician, famously known for hosting the show, Kubamba. She hosts the show alongside DJ Moz, DJ Gee Gee and Timeless Noel.

To put it simply, she is a woman of many talents who commands attention simply by being present.

Kambua Age

Kambua was born on 10 November 1986. She is 35 years old.

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Kambua Early Life

Kambua was born in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. Professor Manundu and Evangelist Lois Manundu, co-founders of Tabibu Ministries, have three children. She is the second of their three children.

Her father died in 2014, which was a sad loss.

Kambua Education

Kambua was a member of the school mass choir at Kianda Primary School. She subsequently moved to Lukenya Academy, where she was encouraged to pursue her passion for music.

She received her tertiary education at Ambrose University in Calgary, Canada, where she majored in music and graduated in 2008.

Kambua Marriage

In 2012, Kambua married Pastor Jackson Mathu, and the two have shown each other nothing but love and support during their difficult times.

Kambua, a singer, waited what seemed like a lifetime to give birth to her first child. The singer and her husband, Jackson Mathu, waited, prayed, saw physicians, and went to counseling sessions for six years in the hopes of having a child.

She went on to say that no matter how awful things were, her husband never doubted her ability to become a mother and continued to encourage her.

“I had been labelled a barren woman. I would wake up to a tweet like, ‘utazaa lini’ . I would post a photo and people’s comments would make me feel I am not worthy. I wish we would be more sensitive with one another. I pulled away from a group I really loved because they always talked about children.” she said in the interview.

Her first child, Nathaniel, was born early, but it didn't stop her from wanting to start a family. In 2020, she revealed that she was expecting her second child. The artist announced the news on social media, much to the delight of her fans.

Kambua Career

It was in 2002 when Kambua chose to join Eneza, a Parklands Baptist Church praise band. She was a member of the band for about four years. Fast forward to 2004, when she joined Passport Incorporated, an Alabama-based company, and she began writing jingles for advertisements such as "Sunlight" and "Delmonte."

Kambua stated that she had not set out to be a TV host, but when the opportunity arose, she seized it.

“I met this producer at an event that I was attending as an artist and she asked if I was interested in doing a TV show. I was very intimidated at the auditions because there were a lot of very beautiful and intelligent ladies, some of whom had already been on TV while I was still a fairly new face. They called me back that afternoon and told me I had gotten the job and could start the next Sunday!” she said.

When she joined Royal Media in 2010, she was the host of the Sunday morning show Rauka.

Her other appearance on television was as the host of Tabibu Cures International Limited's Walk in Divine Health.

Her father, Professor Manundu, was the owner of this health and wellness center.

Kambua has two albums to her credit: 'Nishikilie' and 'Nyumbani.'

Ben Cyco's single 'Anaona,' which was produced by Yo Alex, featured her. In 2019, she also released the track 'Njoo.'

In 2020, Kambua released a new song about her second pregnancy, which she expected to be a set of twins. The song "Neema" was about offering thanks to God for all of her blessings because her previous years had been nothing short of amazing.

Benjamin Magambo recorded Neema, while Steve Mugo directed the video.

Kambua Controversy

It's been said that love knows no age, and that once you know you've found the one, there's no going back. Kambua had to fight rumors that her husband Jackson was too old for her at one time. 

Many people assumed that because he had white hair, he was Kambua's father and not her spouse.

However, Kambua was not influenced by the hatred, and she stuck to her decision and has loved her husband unconditionally since.

After an experience of body shaming by her ex boyfriend, Kambua was left with a foul taste in her mouth. Kambua stated she was "balancing tears, feeling humiliated, hungry, and angry" most of the time when she was with him.
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