Kambua Is Pregnant Again! The Gospel Singer Announces Baby Number 2 After Years And Years Of Struggle (Photo)

It is a big blessing for her!

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If there’s someone who can thank God for doing miracles, it has to be Kambua. The gospel star just announced her pregnancy, just when we least expected it!

This is baby number 2 for her, after many, many years of her unsuccessfully trying to start a family. Her first baby Nathaniel was born prematurely, and we do hope that this time Kambua's experience is much better. 

The singer took to social media to announce the news, much to the delight of her fans. 

"God of Sarah... God of Hannah...God of KAMBUA! 😭 Just when I thought you had done too much...! YOU did it again! 🤰🏾✨✨✨," she added.

It took 7 years for her to get pregnant. Becoming a mother for a second time, after a major struggle in life must be the best thing to ever happen to the "Rauka" TV presenter.

This proves haters wrong after they spent so much time abusing her for being unable to have a child.

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Over the years, Kambua has opened up about her struggle to start a family. Many mocked her for being barren. God truly does wonders and changes things just like that!

In a previous interview with Parents magazine, Kambua said that she was thankful to have a husband who was understanding. Instead of making her feel less of a human, her man decided to walk the journey with her.

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"It's normal to feel a certain level of disappointment but I'm blessed to have a very strong husband because as much as society blamed me, he carried that burden with me," she said.

For her first pregnancy, she revealed how she came to know that she had gotten pregnant. It wasn't something that she was used to.

"One day after the Rauka show, still feeling a little under the weather, I started thinking of the possibility of being pregnant because I had stopped keeping track of my ovulation days," she told the magazine.  

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The best news came to be when she found that she was pregnant! This time around, many fans have come out to congratulate her 2nd baby.

We wish Kambua all the best in her new life as a mother of two!

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