Janet Mbugua Is Back On TV

She has a whole new personality

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Janet Mbugua first came to our screens as a news anchor woman and she did a great job until she decided to quit her career and focus on taking care of her two sons.

In 2014, Janet Mbugua, one of Kenya’s most sought-after news anchors, burst into the acting scene with a lead role in the series Rush.

Just as abruptly as she’d entered it, Janet disappeared from acting when Rush came to an end just after one season. This absence wasn’t for lack of roles or opportunities.

For six years, Janet says, she turned down numerous acting projects that came her way.

Janet shared;

“I’ve been offered roles over the years but I had to say no for various reasons. I didn’t have my own family when I starred in Rush so at the time, I didn’t mind the crazy filming hours. But when I started growing my family, I was very cognizant about not stretching myself,”

She added that her role as a mom and a brand ambassodor took most of her time.

“Suddenly, I was a new mum, an anchor, a brand ambassador, a moderator, a wife. That’s a lot. And while some people can do it and I admire them, some of us just feel like we need to take a backseat and focus on certain things.”

The new role on the TV series Monica, came at the best time for her. Janet said;

“I always feel like you can’t necessarily double back. My background is in news anchoring; acting was something I did because I like to embrace new challenges and experiences. To be honest, I thought I’d gotten that bug out of my system, although I enjoyed it of course. And then this role came my way.”

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Making her debut in this week’s episode that drops on Showmax, Janet plays Jesse, a woman so fierce and so powerful that she likens her to “Olivia Pope without the marital scandals.”

Speaking of her new role, the talented actress and journalist said;

“What I admire about Jesse is that she doesn’t really put her cards on the table. She’s fierce but she wouldn’t necessarily show you that she’s trying to take control,” she says. “Nothing fazes her, she’s perfected the art of looking together even when she’s not and it’s kind of hard not to be drawn to her. But she also has her own skeletons.”

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Janet has other projects outside of acting. Through her foundation Inua Dada, Janet has empowered thousands of girls and women across Kenya.

She’s also part of Better4Kenya, a group that advocates for gender equality in Kenya.

Catch Janet on Showmax in the fifth episode of Monica season 3.
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