Janet Mbugua Opens Up On Being Bullied After Getting Pregnant At Citizen TV (Video)

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By  | Jun 23, 2022, 03:32 AM  | Janet Mbugua  | Top of The

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Celebrated media personality Janet Mbugua recently opened up about her terrible experience with cyber bullies while she was working as a news anchor at Citizen TV.

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Speaking during a recent interview with Al Jazeera TV, the mother of two let it slip that nasty comments were directed at her, presumably by some viewers, because she was hosting the news while pregnant.

Janet, who resigned from the S.K Macharia-owned media house in March 2017, further explained that she might have had a difficult experience because she is a woman.

“As a news anchor, reporter, presenter, and as a woman on its own, there is always something that will come at you, unfortunately.

“Every day it was hateful, spiteful messages saying you are too pregnant to be on TV or we can’t stand looking at you when you are reading the news like that,” she stated.

Janet added that the fact that Citizen TV is one of the most watched stations means that it has a lot more eyeballs hence more hate.

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The former news anchor noted that she had decided to take part in a campaign that is meant to end cyber bullying dubbed Be Kind Online because she has also had a first-hand experience of it and resonates with the message.
Sharing his cyber bulling experience, photographer-cum-activist Boniface Mwangi observed that people would target him because he often spoke about different issues that people were facing.

“I was running my Facebook and Twitter platforms and I would wake up to highlight people’s issues. No one as paying me but even when I highlighted those issues, I’d still get bullied.

"[They would say] Oh you complain too much, you whine too much yet it’s people’s problems I’m sharing. No even mine. I don't even share my problems. And then when I take a nice picture of myself and share then people hate on me," he stated.

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Boniface added that the campaign was a good move and that is why he had chosen to support it.

Sound City breakfast show host Azziad Nasenya is also part of the campaign that was launched by Marjoline Kirima who founded the End Cyberbullying Association with dreams of making the online world safer.
Azziad, who rose to fame thanks to her viral Tik Tok videos, has in the past narrated her dreadful experience dealing with cyber bullies.

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She explained that her ordeal was so bad that she thought about quitting social media, adding that cyber bullies just project their own insecurities.

“It was a lot of stuff, which was the lowest moment in my life. At that moment I was contemplating deleting all my social media handles, but I thank God for my family who became my anchor.

“What I have learnt about bullies is that they really do not have a problem with you, it is more of them projecting their fears on you. Most of them were saying that I was not dancing well,” she narrated.

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