Janet Mbugua Biography: Age, Early Life, Education, Family, Career, Philanthropy, Controversy

Janet Mbugua isn't only a brilliant presenter but a remarkable writer as well.

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Kenyan born Janet Mbugua worked hard on becoming a television mogul in the country a grew her name on a global scale.

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Here's Janet Mbugua's biography

Janet Mbugua Age

Janet Mbugua was born on the 10th of January in 1984. She is 36 years old. 

Janet Mbugua Early Life

Born in Mombasa in Kenya, Janet was born to his mother Mrs Mbugua and Mr Mbugua, however, Janet has a twin brother, whose name is Timothy Mbugua. 

Janet Mbugua Education

In her early years as a teen, Janet went to Brookhouse High School. 

After high school, Janet enrolled with United States International University of Africa (USIU). 

She later enrolled with the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia to study Mass Communication. 

Mbugua also furthered her studies and did her MBA in Global Business Management at the Swiss Management Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Janet Mbugua Family

The year 2015 saw Janet Mbugua and Edward Ndichu, who were high school sweethearts tie the knot and exchange their vows. Their love story started when they were in the same high school in Mombasa.

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As they like to tell the story, Edward used to try to woo Janet when they were younger, but she never caved in. However, they reconnected years later and tested the waters by making their relationship official. 

Janet and Edward got hitched at an elegant and fabulous wedding ceremony filled with the glitz and glamour at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri, Kenya.

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The wedding left nothing but good impressions on those who were invited. On the day Janet wore an elegant and exquisite white gown and Edward the groom wore his grey tux. 

In the same year of 2015, they celebrated their wedding the traditional way, as the couple held a beautiful traditional wedding in November. 

Edward and Janet share a son, whose name is Ethan Huru Ndichu who was born in October in 2015. They have a second son, Mali Mwaura Mbugua, who was born on the 17 of September 2018.

Janet Mbugua Career

At the young age of 19 in 2004 Mbugua embarked on the first gig of her career at 98.4 Capital FM.

Five years later in 2009, Janet was hired as a news anchor, reporter and producer of Pan-African current affairs shows, like Africa 360, with E.tv in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Janet slowly started becoming the one to watch, as she scored herself an acting job in a sitcom - Rush, in 2014. Mbugua was cast in the lead role as Pendo Adama, who is the owner and editor-in-chief of Rush Magazine. 

The month of July in 2017 was when Janet started to consult for The Hive, said to be a US Based Organisation that seeks to tackle Gender Equality messaging in Kenya and other African countries.

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Janet had the opportunity to curate and host a TV show called Here And Now on NTV in 2019. The show focused on issues that are affecting the youth, like socio-economic and political issues. 

Amongst many milestones that Janet has reached she is also known to be the founder and director of Media Avenue Limited, where they offer services like public speaking, moderating and Emceeing. 

Allowing her platform and influence, she was able to get Kenya’s first lady, Margaret Kenyatta to join in on the cause by endorsing the Inua Dada campaign that sought to reinforce the empowerment of young women.

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The same year of 2019 is the same year when Janet released her first book, ‘My First Time’. The book takes readers through a collection of short stories from women, and girls on their first interaction with menstruation.

Janet has been known for hosting various events over the past 12 years of being in media. The Kenyan news anchor and TV personality has hosted some of the following events:

- Moderator, SDGs Implementation Stakeholder Engagement New York in 2019.
  • - MC/Moderator, ICPD Global Summit Nairobi, in 2019.
  • - TED Talk (TEDx) Nairobi, in 2019.
  • - Moderator, Women in Development Conference London, in 2020.

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"Sometimes it’ll make you feel like you’re not making any difference, but practice using your inner ‘I-Want-To-Do-Something-About-This’ voice the way you would practice your craft. Hone it. It’s something I’m working on each day and it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. #TedTalk. ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Janet Mbugua Philanthropy

Janet Mbugua is the founder and director of Media Avenue Limited. The organisation's focus is to provide services such as public speaking, moderating and emceeing.

She also runs the Inua Dada campaign which focuses on the empowerment of females in the country. The campaign was endorsed by Kenya's first lady, Margaret Kenyatta.

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Janet Mbugua Controversy

In 2019 Janet raised her follower’s eyebrows when they noticed that she had unfollowed her husband Edward on social media. Some had suspected their split, matters escalated when they noticed that she removed “wife” on her bio on Instagram, leaving only “mum of two” on her bio. 

The former married couple, Edward Ndichu and Janet came out to the public and said that their marriage was still intact. However, in an interview with Betty Kyalo from the Upclose and Personal TV show in 2019, Janet came out about no longer being together with her former husband - Edward.

In an interview Mbugua left the viewers with a piece of advice, to only start a family when they were ready and completely sure, which indicated that she and Edward's problems stemmed from having some differences. 

Janet Mbugua continues working on her journey of being one of the most remarkable speakers and a writer on the continent. She continues working closely with young females in the country and aims to create a breed of independent young women

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