Maina Kageni To Endorse Jalang'o's Bid for Langata MP

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Classic 105’s Radio show host, Maina Kageni has told Jalang’o that he will support his bid to run for Lang’ata MP come 2022.

In a sit-down interview on #BongaNaJalas, Maina said he believes Jalang’o will make a difference in the constituency.

“…I’ll endorse you…I’ll support you. I will give you money and I will be at your rallies…because I am not at the beck and call of some party leader…it’s me and Jalang’o and these people and Jalang’o. Go for it” said Maina to Jalang’o. 

Jalang’o alias Jalas announced his interest to run for Lang’ata MP in May this year, amidst mixed reactions from his fans.
Jalang'o. Photo: Instagram

Maina, has, however, warned young people thinking of joining politics saying that it’s the fastest way to go rogue. According to him, in Kenya, you have to be in the biggest political party in order to make it.

“…Your thinking must conform to the people at the top…You can never be Jalang’o the thinker in a big political scenario. Anything out of that, you are labelled a rebel. So now the Jalang’o we knew going into politics won’t be the Jalango we see.” He continued.

Maina also expressed his confidence in Jalang’o wanting to make a difference and that’s why he would support his bid. He encouraged Jalang’o to run as an independent candidate and people would vote for him since it is an urban and independent constituency.

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Let’s be honest though – do you think Jalang’o will run on an independent ticket? Your guess is as good as ours. He will most likely run on an ODM ticket! And even worse, much like the likes of KJ and Mohammad Ali, his fieriness and want for change will most likely die down.

That's just one opinion, though. Do you think Jalang’o has what it takes to be the next MP of Lang’ata? 

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