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Comedian goes back home

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Radio presenter and comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o has decided to revisit his boys' club, revealing what it entails.

Speaking on Kiss FM's morning show which he hosts alongside Kamene Goro, Jalang'o gave details of how the purported club treats women.

Jalang'o explained that the boys club treats a woman depending on how her boyfriend regards their relationship.

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Kamene Goro and Jalang'o. Photo: Instagram
According to Jalang'o, if other members of the group begin pursuing a girlfriend of one of them, it implies that the boyfriend is taking the lady for granted.

 He further noted that the behavior of the group towards the lady solely depends on whether the man is faithful to the lady or not.

"So your boyfriend has introduced you to his friends but, you see them still wanting you... Na kuna mwengine ako serious na wananajua vizuri huyu ni dem wa Felo... Know very well that your boyfriend is taking you for granted," Jalang'o said.

"He is taking you for a ride and also seeing other women or you are just one of the many that have been introduced," he added.

Jalang'o further noted that if the lady could go back to the same meeting without the knowledge of the boyfriend, she will find another woman who has also been introduced to the group as the girlfriend of her boyfriend.

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"But if one day you are introduced to the group and nobody is talking about wanting you, all of them are just appreciating you without showing they also want you, be very serious with that guy,"
the comedian explained.

He said there is no loyalty among men if they know very well that one of them is just " a random guy introducing everyone to us as shemeji."

The topic of boys club comes a year after it emerged that Jalang'o and his friends calling themselves members of the boys club were cheating on their wives and share their clades.

Jalang’o and his friends were exposed by blogger Edgar Obare who shared screenshots from their WhatsApp group conversations and videos

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Speaking during the breakfast show on Tuesday, January 12th, Jalang’o admitted that last year was indeed a tough one.

"You do not go through tests to show how weak you are, no. You through tests to show how strong you are. How strong you wake up from these temptations. Last year was one of the most trying times for me. I can’t lie to you. There was a time it threw me to the end. There are people I trusted and they let me down. The blogs were writing and people were talking and people said now this is the end of Jalas," he said.

The actor-cum-radio presenter went ahead to narrate how he lost friends and some corporates didn’t want to associate with him following the scandal.

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