Jalang’o Biography: Age, Education, Family, Relationship, Career, Controversy, Brand Endorsements, Net Worth

Starting from nothing to being a top comedian in the country.

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Felix Odiwuor is famously known as Mzee Jalang'o, but many usually call him Jalang'o. He is a well-known comedian in Kenya and works as an emcee at big events through his eloquent delivery of jokes.

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Jalang'o hails from a very humble background where his parents were farmers and worked twice as hard to provide for their children. 

He has earned his way to the top through different gigs internationally.

Here's his biography. 

Jalang'o Age

Jalang'o was born on 27th April 1983. He is 37 years old.

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Jalang’o Early Life

Jalang’o was raised by both his parents alongside her siblings. Sadly after graduation which was the same day he received his letter of appointment at Kiss 100; his father died.

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Jalang’o only had a sense of comfort after he learned that his dad had left him a note asking him to take care of his siblings and build a house for his mother. 

Jalang’o achieved his father's dream after he got his degree. He worked enough and finally secured his mother a beautiful house where she lives with his siblings. It eases his heart knowing that he has achieved his father's dying wish. 

Jalang’o Education

Jalang'o started his formal education at Homa Bay Primary School. The school was far from their residential area which made Jalang'o develop an everyday habit of waking up early to walk to school on time and catch up on the academic program. 

For his eight years in Primary school. Jalang'o would walk to school barefoot which became a habit and easier for him as he grew up. After completing his O-Levels with an exciting score of 427 out of the possible 500 marks.

Jalang'o furthered his studies in Maseno School which is one of the top-performing national schools in Kenya. Despite all the struggles, he managed to get a C plus in his KCSE exams.

Jalang’o Relationship

Jalang’o was married to Cheptoek Boyo who is a media personality, but their marriage did not last and they got a divorce in 2015.

The couple is blessed with a daughter named Salika and they continue to co-parent despite their separation.

Boyo on her relationship with Jalang'o

Jalang'o Odwuor married his longtime girlfriend Amina Chao on the 28th of October in 2019. He is now living happily with his newly married wife and they have been blessed with a beautiful daughter named Amani.

Jalang’o Career

The first job Jalang’o ever had in his life was being a fisherman at the Home Bay Company. His duties involved fishing at night to have fish to sell the next day by the shores. During his fishing, Jalang’o would have to be at the lake riddled with mosquitoes. But he continued with the job as he was good at what he was doing and he later joined Capital Fish Company Limited where he worked as a fishmonger.

He eventually left dealing with fish and he started working at Mjengo Sites which is one of the biggest construction companies in Kenya. He did multiple jobs as he was working as a Shop Packer and he also worked at different car wash businesses. 

Jalang’o would attend theatre auditions and he was turned down several times. He did not lose hope after all his trials until one day he got a chance for a second cast in an audition at the Kenya National Theatre.

One day, the theatre group went to perform a Swahili set book known as “Mwisho Wa Kosa.” Jalang’o was lucky on this day to get to narrate the introduction of the story. Jalang’o was fortunate to become an immediate replacement of a cast member who couldn’t make it to the venue. 

After landing this role, Jalang’o started taking his acting seriously and started doing vernacular commercial plays at the National Theatre and their plays had the likes of Prof. Anyang’ Nyongo. 

Jalang’o gained inspiration through those performances and he dared himself to go over the limits. He produced his first film, Kibrit Olwar Epii. This was an exciting drama and funny as many viewers loved it. 

Years after doing theatre and production, Jalang’o moved to Radio Maisha. By the time he joined the station, it was ranked the 48th station in the country.

Jalang’o together with his co-host Alex Mwakideu revamped the station and ensured that they work on making everyone in the country become a fan of their breakfast show. Through their dedication and staying focused on their ultimate dream - Radio Maisha improved from position 48 to the first position within three years.

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Jalang’o eventually moved from Radio Maisha and he joined forces with Hot 96 FM where he worked with co-host Jeff Koinange where they worked on creating a gigantic morning show as Jalang’o already had the fan base.

He also has his own show called Bonga na Jalas where he covers all topics entertainment and he always has different guests o the show.

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Besides being in the media industry, Jalang’o is a businessman and a farmer who has business relations with Hotels in Nairobi as he is their main supplier for eggs.

Jalang’o Controversy

In 2019, Adelle Onyango savagely denied that she invited Jalang’o to her new show dubbed "PursePective". This was following the media mogul posting that he will be with Adelle’s show a few months from now. Adelle didn’t waste time but clap-back with denying the claims he was making. 

According to her response, Adelle had unsettled issues with Jalang’o as he has once posted his views on femicide those views were rather toxic and were in support of the gender-based abuse cases which were circulating and fast spreading in the country. 

Adelle isn’t over those remarks and for that, she does not want to host the media mogul on her show, PersePective. It has been seven years since Adelle Onyango had hanged her presenting mic and retired but she returned with her show.

That same year, saw Khaligraph and Naiboi lead an onslaught of local music acts in the country and Jalang'o did not take kind to their words. Khaligraph had  this to say,

 “I am planning on Bringing at least 10 big Kenyan media personalities/Radio presenters to Nigeria for a 10 day trip which I myself shall cater for, I want to see if some of y’all will be recognized by your Nigerian fans or if you even have fans at all here, it would be very sad if you don’t though ?? ?????????????? #respecttheogs.”

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Naiboi joined in by saying he as going to pay for 5 more trips to add to the list. In response, Jalango said;

“Khaligraph_jones is planning a trip for presenters and media personalities to NAIJA to see if they have fans there since we play too much Naija and soon the next trip will be to bongo! Yes, we don’t have fans there but before you start blaming us! Did you know that presenters don’t even choose music played on Radio and if they do they have very little say on what goes on air? No you dint! Before music is scheduled on Radio it is researched on and all we do is play!..."

With this debate going on, social media users were quite divided, but with many pointing out how misguided Khaligraph and Naiboi were.

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Jalang’o Brand Endorsements

Jalang'o is the proud ambassador of a company by the name Velvex, that is the distributor of different home amenities, such as tissue paper, serviettes and cling wrap.

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Jalang’o Net Worth

Nonini is estimated to be worth over $2 million with his media contributions. His businesses and deals seem to have kept his bank account full to the brim.

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Jalang’o continues to dream and he continues his work as a media host and putting a smile on many of his listeners. He is one dedicated comedian on stage, a radio host in the studio and a father as well.

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