"I Have Been Tested" Jalang'o Tells It All About The 'Boys Club'

Never again!

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Comedian Jalang’o had a very difficult year last year. His marriage was put to the test when blogger Edgar Obare revealed he and some other guys had a group called the boys club in which they would cheat on their wives and share their clandes.

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Jalang’o has revealed that he lost a lot in 2020. In May 2020, Jalang’o and his boys cub were exposed by blogger Edgar Obare and screenshots from their WhatsApp group conversations and videos from their escapades shared on social media.

Speaking during the breakfast show on Tuesday January 12th, Jalang’o admitted that last year was indeed a tough one.

‘You do not go through tests to show how weak you are, no. You through tests to show how strong you are. How strong you wake up from these temptations. Last year was one of the most trying times for me. I can’t lie to you. There was a time it threw me to the end. There are people I trusted and they let me down. The blogs were writing and people were talking and people said now this is the end of Jalas.’
The actor-cum-radio presenter went ahead to narrate how he lost friends and some corporates didn’t want to associate with him.

‘Who the hell are you? If I was to go down it would have been at that time. I had clients who pulled out. When our stories for boys club came out and everyone was condemning us without knowing our story or thinking about it. There are only know people who stood by me. My mum and my wife. They knew these are guys who I had grown up with. There are clients who pulled out and said they do not want to be associated with me. It got me to a corner and I said you know what, Heavy J this is your moment either to come back or kill your career. I said you know what, I did not come this far to lose,’

Despite the bad publicity, Jalango’ carried on strongly and got back on his feet. He advised anyone going through a tough time, saying;

‘I have been tested, I have been thrown to the end but this is the time I can come back. I am happy to use myself as my wake up call because it is something that I went through. It is a test that I went through that almost killed my career. You can be at the lowest point in life now but it is only you that can raise yourself back and be the person you want to become.’
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