Jackie Maribe Opens Up About Her Time In Prison

She went through it, woiye...

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Former news anchor turn criminal Jackie Maribe has become more vocal about her incarceration, misscarriage and the challenges she faced after her arraignment. 

Jackie and her ex-fiancé Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie were accused of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani back in 2018.

The two were charged with the murder, with each of them pleaded not guilty to. Maribe was, on October 30, 2018, released on Ksh1 million cash bail after spending one month in Langata Women’s prison. Her ex-fiancé, however, wasn’t equally as lucky as he was detained for over 500 days, before finally being granted a Ksh2 million cash bail.
Jackie and Jowie

After her release the former news girl went silent, she was burred from anchoring news or interviewing any source. 

In a recent interview with True Love magazine, Jackie addressed the pain of being in prison, her love affair with comedian Eric Omondi and the pain of a miscarriage she had.

The journalist shared with Carol Mandi how her journey to motherhood wasn’t easy as she miscarried two pregnancies.

In the interview she said;

“I had almost gotten a baby before but I got a miscarriage. It was tough at the time, it was all new to me then we tried again then we had a miscarriage. Then they discovered I had a septum where the uterus had a hole in between, so were were lucky we found out early. I was told to have surgery and give myself a period of time and wait, and I remember I panicked and said I’m not gonna do this and I can’t remember how long it took, and so that was in 2013. I traveled to South Africa for work, and I remember I got so  at the time I had gone on assignment and my colleague was liek kwani you are pregnant? Then I came back home and went to see the doctor. He announced that I was pregnant.”

Jackie has a son named Zahari with funny man Eric Omondi, whom she dated for a long while before they broke up and started a relationship with Jowie.

The mother of one went on to add that the one thing that broke her when she was in prison was the thoughts of her son missing her.

‘It used to keep me awake every night I would cry every night. I couldn’t sleep’ I would ask herself, ‘What is Zahari thinking right now, where is he?’ I didn’t miss the good food and people I just wanted my son around.” 
When asked if she and Eric would rekindle their romance, she stated that, that ship sailed a long time ago. She stated that Eric at the time of their relationship was not ready to settle down and he still wanted the groupies. They are currently very close friends are co-parenting their son.

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