Jackie Maribe Has A New Man

Got her groove back

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TV girl turned vlogger Jackie Maribe has finally found love again following her highly dramatic affair and breakup from Joe Irungu alias Jowie.

In an encrypted Instagram post, Maribe who is Eric Omondi’s baby mama and ex girlfriend revealed that she is formally taken. She posted a cup with the initials “Mrs.K” with the caption of -‘ Taken,’ followed by a love emoji.
The former Citizen TV, who has been keeping her relationship under wraps, is yet to reveal the identity of the man who has swept her off her feet, she later on deleted the post.

In a recent interview, she said that she wasn’t romantically involved with Eric and they were just co-parenting.

‘I keep telling him [eric] we kinda messed up, crossing the friendship line. We were very good friends from the beginning and i don’t know why we thought, this could work but then if we were able to collect ourselves again and become friends, i don’t think i would ever cross that line.’

The Hot Seat hostess said another issue that really hurt the chances of them settling together then was that ladies were all over Eric in a move that gave him that ‘’Ladies’ man’’ image.
 ‘’But I think for Eric and his career, he was not very sure about the path that he should take. Like do we do this and have a baby? Not to speak ill of him but at the time he had this 'ladies’ man' image, there was no space for a child in that mix.’’ She added.

The journalist was engaged to one Jowie Irungu and let as she herself puts it, it was a romance from hell. Jackie is not pulling any punches as she puts the record straight on how their engagement ended after being accused of murder. The two were charged with the killing of business woman Monica Kimani.

She called Jowie a liar for telling folks that they broke up while in prison. In her own words she said;
“I want to correct the fact that he said we broke up while he was still inside. We had broken up before. Let’s be honest about it. The body language in court was clear. It had happened before let’s be honest about it. He is not someone I would mad sling or anything.”

Jackie has finally found her groove back judging from the recent posts she has on her Instagram.

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