Is Mr. Seed’s Wife Lightening Her Skin?

Hufanani na uso!

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Recently, Nimo has been serious about the skincare routine. She posts products and how to use them. This has made some fans think that she is trying to achieve a lighter shade. On one photo that she posted, these are some of the comments:

U pretty though rangi yako tu ndio huwa sielewi
how sad😂😂😂😂 watu wakue na rangi moja

Shida n ati unableach uso unasahau mikono zako😂😂Na miguu 😂

@iamwanjohi kwenda uko wacha wivu aki
@iamwanjohi kuna watu hukaa hivyo bdw...kama yeye wengine the opposite

Clearly, the comments did not make her happy. So she decided to rant on her Instagram stories to make it clear to everyone that she is not using any lightening products. She told her fans that she was born like that and even her mother has different skin tones. Her face does not look like her arms. From the video, she was so pissed, she said the following: 

I want to show it clearly. You see, niko na like a sijui ni birth mark ama ni nini. Like it separates. Unaona, this side I have this skin tone and this skin tone. It goes all the way to my hand okay? And my mom is exactly this way, sawa? So if you have a problem, my friend, it is not my problem. Mimi mwenyewe niko comfortable na my look. And I am gonna post a picture of my mom. So that question, ask God, not me. If I wanted to bleach, I would have started to with my feet and my hands.

Nimo went as far as posting her mother’s photo, and true to her words, she has different skin shades. Some people are just born like that. The mother of one said that if anyone had a problem with how she looked, they had to ask God and not her.

Other celebrities who have been accused of skin lightening include Nyce Wanjeri. She is a comedian and an actress. For Nyce, it was slightly different because when she was asked if she is lightening her skin, she confidently said yes without beating around the bush. If you take a look at her Instagram, you can tell that she is becoming lighter by each day. 

Other celebrities like Vera Sidika did not have to prove anything to anyone. She disappeared from the public scene for a while, and when she came back, she was as white as snow. Fans love putting a lot of pressure on celebrities. People should live their lives. Allow someone to live their lives the way they want to. Live yours, let someone live theirs. Do not always be on someone's case. If someone wants to be ten times darker or lighter, let them 

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