Is Boniface Mwangi The Bad Guy?

Kenyans have their say

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Boniface Mwangi
Following Boniface Mwangi’s reports on the Ndichu brothers allegedly assaulting two ladies, Kenyan netizens have taken to Twitter to give their opinions about the popular activist. Some of the comments will leave you shocked.

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After posting content showing the Ndichu twins allegedly assaulting two women on his Twitter page, a seemingly out of nowhere hashtag, #BonifaceMwangiUnmasked, started to trend in a bid to topple the popular photojournalist.

At the time of writing the hashtag had over 9000 tweets.

The hashtag elicited mixed sentiments from the tweeps who were participating. Some of the top reactions included one tweep stating that Mwangi should learn how to respect men, and proceeded to call the journalist a fraud.

Another Twitter user, however, had the opposite view of what was happening online, he posted that Boniface Mwangi was great at what he does and often puts his life in danger in order to defend others.

This was a sentiment echoed by Boniface Mwangi as he took to his Twitter to let his followers know that he suspects the hashtag is fake. Mwangi went on to insinuate that some people he had exposed (the Ndichus maybe?) might have paid for the hashtag to appear on Twitter. 

The commenters were not amused at his insinuation. Many tweeps pointed out that they would never support the wannabe politician, as he picks on too many people. The commenters also commented on the journalist’s tactics when it comes to releasing information as they believed he was too intrusive.

Tweeps air out their feelings.

Even though he is yet to respond to the comments, Boniface Mwangi won’t be silenced by a few critics. He is a believer in his right to speak out and he recently took up for Edgar Obare when he was silenced.

At the time he took to his Instagram account not just to show his support to the gossip blogger, but also to offer a few words of wisdom to Kenyans, pushing for the sense of injustice surrounding the whole situation.

In the post, Boniface basically spoke about the nature of being a Kenyan and the core values that surround surviving in this country. He expressed the fact that in Kenya, good people seemed to get punished way more than wrongdoers.
 He revealed the ideologies that to him many Kenyans seemed to have an easier time following, defending, and forgiving evil but wealthy people. He defended Edgar Obare against the people that did not see the value of what he was doing but rained on his parade. 

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