Is Azziad Nasenya Pregnant?

Little Azziad on the way!

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If there is one person who understands the power of social media, it’s Azziad Nasenya. She has been recognized as a star by celebrities across East Africa and Kenya, to be specific. Azziad is the queen of Tiktok. She made a TikTok video of her dancing to Utawezana by Femi One, and that was it! The video was reshared close to one million times. Talk about utilizing time during quarantine. She made the video last year, and since then, the twenty-two year old has gained a lot of publicity. She has already received many endorsements from big brands and has already worked with some of the greatest artists in Kenya like Pascal Tokodi, Avril, Wahu and Mulamwah. One thing about Azziad, she is ambitious! And we love to see it! A lot of young ladies look up to her. 

A recent post by the star has caused a frenzy. Azziad posted a photo of herself with a fur crop top and shorts. She complimented the outfit with a pair of heels with laces that went up to her knee. Out of this photo, fans deduced two things. One, she is pregnant. Two, she is indecently dressed. Many did not like it.

Azziad’s fans noticed that she had gained a lot of weight in recent months, and thus she is pregnant. Fans need to take a chill pill. Just because some has gained weight doesn’t mean she is pregnant. People gain weight for a number of reasons. One could be that is what they want. Here are a few comments from the post:

Na umenona azziad .you were slim but naona mambo sio mabaya sasa .

Growing thicker

Siku hizi umeanza kuwa uchi

Ama uko ball umeunga

Yawa unakula nn yenye unaongeza daily kilos

Kwani unataka kulala sai unavaa nguo za kulala, halafu apo chini kwa mguu imefura, izo hills zimefanya mambo ama...

Nangoja siku utaokoka

Indid value in time......the body of all humans ar perishable bodies that will b laid tew rest,xo ask yuaself azziad if jesus comes tday will yu really enter? Rem yua body ix e temple of God n nobody should see yua body apart frm yua married huxband buh as 4 yu ,yu ar haifnaked.........................value in time

For Azziad being pregnant, only time will tell whether she is pregnant or not. 

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