Is Amira Throwing Shade At Jamal’s Mom?

Are they okay?

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Jamal and Amira are currently on really good terms. This is after they decided that they are going to keep their past in the past and move forward. Jamal Roho Safi recently posted a video of himself and his mother and honestly, he seemed like a mama’s boy. But then, not in a bad way, actually they looked good. So what Amira posted next is what is really confusing. She posted a question and answer session where she asked her fans how they deal with toxic in laws. Is this a coincidence? Why would she talk about in-laws and toxicity when Jamal had just posted his mother?

Probably it is just a coincidence because these two seem to be having some good time. Recently, Jamal bought Amira an iPhone thirteen which is estimated to be around two hundred thousand shillings. What is the most expensive thing your hubby has ever gotten you by the way? For me, even asking for petty cash is usually a problem and we have to fight about everything. But here is Amira, Jamal just woke up and decided to spend more than one hundred thousand on her. Wueh! Sema goals.

Maybe this was just a coincidence. I would say that because these two haven’t given us a reason to doubt that they are not on good terms so we will try and let that slide. Amira and Jamal’s relationship has been on the rocks for some time especially when Amber Ray was in the picture. Amber Ray and Amira were friends before until when Amira talked about how she betrayed her when she started hooking up with Jamal.

Since then, Amira and Amber Ray have always been at loggerheads with one another. They have gone to the extent of throwing words at each other and fighting online. Amira once revealed how she learned about their relationship on social media and talked about how things were not easy.
I learned through social media that he was marrying a second wife. I learned via social media that he is marrying a second wife. As a mother, you can tell that it is not easy.I do not talk to her and I can never be her friend. It is hard for me and as a mother you would feel the same. It has never been easy for me and it will never been easy. Inshallah I will overcome. I do not hold grudges and am okay and I am free and happy with what I am doing

Not that Jamal and Amira are back together, their followers need to give them space and let them be. It looks like Jamal is happy with the decision he made about going back to his wife. Amber Ray on the other hand seems like she has moved on from her relationship with Jamal. She has found her peace in her new best friend, Phoina and these two are living a day at a time. They take vacations now and then with the slogan, life is for the living.

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