Inside Raila Odinga's Family WhatsApp Group

A very normal family

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All families have a whatsapp group, it has become very normal now for families to create a group for normal family catch-ups and gatherings.

Well, one of the biggest political families, the Odinga's also have one and it is as dramatic and hilarious as any other noramal familiy. 

Raila Odinga's youngest daughter Winnie Odinga, has reveled how their whatsapp group is. Speaking to Masawe Jappani, Winnie shared;

“We have a family whatsapp group. The admin is Rosemary [Odinga]. Junior leaves all the time. He protests whenever i was made an admin. He left in protest until i was removed as admin.”

Winnie added how her prominent dad Raila Odinga spams them with videos. She hilariously shared;

“Dad anaspam group na videos. You will wake up and find that at 4am he has sent 8 videos all about 8 minutes each.”

The Raila family seems like a very noramal family, she also added how her mom is funny in the group;

"My mum just jokes. She has a very good sense of humour."

Winnie added that they talk about everything. Their is banter, humour and love. She described her father;

"He is a loving and caring person. He is a very gentle person that is why Im in his space. Not everyone can work with their dads."
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