"I Was Ordered To Strip Naked!" Jackie Matubia Narrates Strange Encounter With Masseuse (Video)


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Popular actress Jackie Matubia, who became a household name after featuring in Citizen TV's hit drama Tahidi High, recently recounted her strange encounter with a masseuse that her best friend had hired for her as a push present.

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Through a video that was posted on her YouTube channel on Wednesday, the celebrated thespian revealed that the first time they met, the woman asked her to strip down and this really took her by surprise.

But that's not all. According to Jackie, the lady who goes by the name Saumu also asked her to squat while naked and she found it funny.

"When we met for the first time, she asked me to strip and I was like 'Excuse me?' and then she told me to be how I was while giving birth. Then she closed the door. The funny part was when she told me to squat," the YouTuber stated.

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However, she explained that the masseuse, who was with her for about a week, is really good at her job as she helps a lady who has given birth to heal quickly because there are things that they will not do by themselves unless someone forces them.

"Saumu is a masseuse. She does a good job. She helps you with your tummy area i.e. getting it back to how it was before you got pregnant. She helps you to get rid of the baby fat that is why you didn't see me having excessive weight.

"There is a whole process where she massages you with hot water then after that she helps you with the tummy by tying a waist trainer around your waist," Jackie noted.

According to the media personality, her body is her work. As such, getting back into shape after delivering was a big deal for her because there are roles that she can't do when she is overweight.

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However, she noted that she is working on her body in a way that she is not being selfish to her child.

Further, Jackie revealed that although she has a daughter who is 7 years old, she feels like a new  mum because many things have changed and she is learning something new every day.

"A lot of things have changed since I gave birth 7 years ago. I feel like a first time mum. When I gave birth to my daughter, I did not pump. I was also told that I should not leave the house for 3 months," she observed.

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Jackie also responded to people who have been criticizing her for getting back to work and wearing heels too soon noting that she gave herself enough time to recover and knows how important it is to do so.

"Before you decide to DM me or comment, yous should know that I didn't give birth and started wearing heels the next day. I gave myself time. That's the problem.

"You guys think that I gave birth on the day that I posted it. Imagine by the time I was telling you that the child has arrived, I had already taken my two weeks break. So when I am going back to work, I have already finished a month," she explained.

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