'I Am A Business Woman Not What You Think I Am' - Huddah

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Socialite cum business woman, Huddah Monroe does not want to be associated with some terms.

The business woman has managed to switch from being a socialite to being a business owner.

Huddah revealed that her online presence is just but a charade and its sole purpose is to market her brand. 

Speaking to her followers on her Instagram stories, Huddah revealed that she’s more reserved and introverted in real life.
She added that she is a very shy and reserved person.
The businesswoman revealed that people seeing her on social media have made them form a preconceived conception about her that is flawed and only the people in touch with her in person know who she really is.

 The Socialite has dozens of posts on her social media where she looks perfect. But was she always this stunning? Huddah is open about how she wasn’t always the best looking or best dressed. Having started off as a model, she made her way up the ladder on her own and is proud of how far she’s come. Now, she’s so gorgeous, she doesn’t even need any filters on her Instagram posts to sparkle the way she does.

The boss chick has a very successful cosmetics line that is making waves in the makeup industry. The star is constantly launching new collections including lush lip-glosses, colorful eye shadow palettes and stunning lipsticks which she’s always wearing in her posts.

She went on to advise her followers to always focus on what makes them happy and ignore other people’s opinions.

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