Huddah Drags Kenya To The Mud

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Dubai-based Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she hates interacting with her country's people, Kenyans.

Taking to her Instagram page, Huddah said that she is avoiding Kenyans since she is avoiding creating too much familiarity with them.

The entrepreneur claimed that she did not go to Dubai to interact with Kenyans. According to her, being close to Kenyans creates too much familiarity that leads to the spreading of fake news.

She further claimed that hanging out with a lot of Kenyans will create disrespect between her and them.

"People ask me why I don't meet people from my country and hang out etc. But I didn't come to Dubai to mingle. And also too much familiarity creates fake rumors and disrespect," Huddah said.

Huddah noted that even though she has she is strict about meeting her countrymen, she is real, humble, and caring. She also said that she loves Kenyans but from far as she avoids interacting with them.

"The few that have met me know I'm legit a loving, caring person. And very down to earth."

"I know y'all out here. I see y'all hustle and I respect that. Love from a distance,"
she said.

Other than having a problem with Kenyans, Huddah also noted that she has an issue with Kenyan passports.

The Huddah Cosmetic CEO claimed that the Kenyan passport has no power in several foreign countries. Huddah noted that she rather apply for a Visa to go to hell rather than take the "useless Kenyan passport".

"This is the most useless passport ever, I need a visa to go to hell, surely. it doesn't even make sense at all," she said.

Huddah noted the Kenyan passport would not allow her to come back to Kenya as a Kenyan in case she dies while still in Dubai.

To improve Kenya's passport, Huddah urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government to negotiate with other countries so that Kenyans can travel to various parts of the globe easily

"I believe they can negotiate with other countries so that people go to various countries for free and so that people get visas on arrival," Huddah said.

Huddah wondered why her mother's country was treating foreigners so special yet they (Kenyans) are not given the same treatment in other countries.

According to Huddah, the only good thing about the Kenyan passport is the glamour in its interior.

"I love my country but they should negotiate with countries to let their citizens travel as long they have money,"
Huddah said.

Huddah's recent comments about Kenya and her people come days after she revealed that she is planning to stay longer in Dubai after buying property in the country.

The controversial businesswoman relocated to Dubai in February last year and has made the country her new home. In a previous interaction with a fan, Huddah revealed that she sold her Nairobi home and she never regards Kenya as her home

β€œThe world is my home. I no longer have a specific place I call home. Anywhere that I feel at peace at. Content. And happy that’s home for me”.

β€œI no longer have a home in Kenya, I sold it,"
Huddah said as reported by Pulselive.
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