Huddah's Shocking Insta Story

The celeb shared a list of ‘goals’ to hit before 30. How many can you do?

By  | Dec 31, 2020, 06:34 AM  | Huddah Monroe  | Top of The

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Huddah Monroe recently shared a story on Instagram about goals before the age of 30.
The post lists out 10 goals, they include saving $5000 dollars a month, waking up early every day, having a side hustle of $1000 every month, reading 5 books a day, and exercising for an hour every day.
The post also suggests to start investing, buy your first home, pay off all your credit card debts, pay off student loans, and to become a millionaire!
The lofitness of the post didn’t pass through Miss. Huddah’s quick eyes, and she commented: “Unbelievable! Before 30? How’re you saving $5000? Some people are really misleading the youngins.”
We find her honesty refreshing. In an environment which pushes people to their extremes in order to become successful, it’s also important to be realistic about goals. While some of these are easy and healthy to do, like reading and exercising, many are potentially toxic. 

It’s funny that Huddah commented that way though. She is probably one of the few African women under 30 who can be considered young and wealthy. This is thanks to her work ethics and constant hustles. Whether it’s releasing a wildly successful range of cosmetics, cigars, or her modeling and TV career – we know the young socialite and celebrity is used to minting money.
In fact, her fans on Instagram are regularly treated to Huddah serving some majorly posh looks. Whether it’s Givenchy or any other brand, the talented celeb looks amazing in whatever she wears. On top of this, she frequently flies internationally, to glitzy places like Dubai.
But Huddah isn’t just flashy. She has also been known to give back to those she cares about. For example, she’s built a house for her mother. 
We’re glad that Huddah is being honest about the journey to success with her fans on social media. I’m sure a lot of people would benefit a lot from her business advice. She has multiple companies going. She’s also involved in farming activities.  

Let’s see where the new year takes Huddah on her entrepreneurial journey. We’re sure it’s gonna be a crazy ride – as colorful and interesting as the past few years have been. Hopefully the rest of us can take a page from her book and get some businesses started. Until then, let’s enjoy the star's journey. We’re rooting for her.
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