Huddah Proposes To Boyfriend

Says she's ready to settle

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Kenyan businesswoman Huddah Monroe on Wednesday issued a marriage proposal to her boyfriend.

Taking to Instagram stories, Huddah said that Covid-19 transformed her personality and she was ready to get settle down.

The controversial socialite claimed that the pandemic taught her to settle down - something she never thought she could do.
Huddah Monroe. Photo: Instagram

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"Covid has really transformed me. At this point, I can even get married and have kids Coz if I can actually settle for this long! I am a changed woman!" she wrote.

Huddah further noted that the pandemic gave her no choice but to resolve since things around her never seemed normal since the onset of the pandemic.

"Covid came so things that were normal never become a norm again! You either gonna remain the same or be different," she added.

In another statement that indicated that Huddah is ready to settle and wants her man to marry her, she noted that she was ready to be a housewife so long as the hubby rich.
Huddah. Photo: Instagram

"I work hard at my job, but if an opportunity to become a rich housewife arises, I'm taking it," she shared a post on her Insta stories.

Huddah further noted that at the moment, she is stressed about her children's future and that of their generation.

Same as her, she asked her followers to work towards securing the future of their children and should not sit back and relax because of the pandemic.

"Pandemic or no pandemic. Time waits for NO MAN! We are here for a short time. There are people coming after us and even more after them.

"What will you be remembered for? I know what I wanna be remembered for. And that's my goal. I might look like am chilling in Do&By but am stressed over my legacy and my future generation,
" Huddah said.

Huddah's revelation that she is ready to get married comes two months after she gave a hint of who her man is. The Huddah Cosmetics founder posted a picture on a yacht and the caption left tongues wagging.

Huddah had earlier shared pics on her Instagram stories stating that when she is in a relationship she gives it 100 percent even if it doesn't work out she leaves satisfied that she had a good time and was honest about her intentions.

Her bikini pictures did not attract much buzz as the caption read: "I get wet at the sound of your Voice ..... Mrs. B ........" Most started speculating that the name of the man she is currently dating in Dubai starts with a B. 
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