Huddah Opens Up On How Her Friend Drugged Her

The Boss Chick explains why she has no friends

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Huddah Monroe
Popular socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that people she considered her friends at one point in her life drugged her. 

Huddah made this revelation on her Instagram Stories. The revelation was inspired by Huddah asking her fans whether they find her to be closed off and whether she should start mingling more. Huddah noted that she is bad at keeping friends.

In her follow-up post, Huddah noted that she was once a very welcoming person who used to entertain people at her house on regular occasions. She noted that her welcoming ways saw her so-called friends betray her by drugging her. 

According to The Boss Chick, this is the reason she does not trust anyone to the extent that non of her friends knows where she lives. Huddah noted that she doesn’t visit her friends' houses or let them in her house because she is afraid of getting close with people again.

It seems that Huddah has been doing some work on herself as she noted that she is slowly opening up to people even though she has major anxiety issues. It's so hard to believe that Huddah has anxiety issues just from looking at her as she is always so full of confidence.

She went on to thank her followers for always supporting her even though she seems closed off. Huddah noted that her social anxiety does not allow her to plan dates with her friends, let alone even do video talks to engage her fans on social media. 

As we mentioned earlier it’s hard to believe The Boss Chick suffers from anxiety as she is always confident, especially when it comes to her body. Huddah is never shy to show off her gorgeous body for the world to see.

In fact, in one of her posts, before she shared her problems with anxiety, Huddah shared a photo of herself in a very revealing top. The star, who is currently in Malindi is in a blue jumpsuit that reveals her nipples.

This just goes to show that you cannot believe anything you see on social media. At face value we would think that the Boss Chick was doing okay, however, it turns out she is going through some things. We hope she gets the help that she needs soon. 

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If you are going through something similar make sure to seek the appropriate medical attention. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.  

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