Huddah Monroe Sizzles And Shines

Aging like fine wine

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Socialite and style icon Huddah Monroe is only getting hotter. The star is not only shining in the looks department, she’s also making waves with her side hustles. With having achieved so much in her career so far, Huddah has only one goal in mind: reaching for the stars! Let’s have a look at what this diva has to brag about.

She’s a sizzler!
This woman is hot! The Star Gal is as stunning as ever and her Instagram is proof. She recently posted a video of herself in a crisp white shirt and headscarf with makeup on point. She looked flawless and we can only guarantee that her route to success is clearly charted out.

She doesn’t need any filters
The Socialite has dozens of posts on her social media where she looks perfect. But was she always this stunning? Huddah is open about how she wasn’t always the best looking or best dressed. Having started off as a model, she made her way up the ladder on her own and is proud of how far she’s come. Now, she’s so gorgeous, she doesn’t even need any filters on her Instagram posts to sparkle the way she does. A recent post at the Habtoor Palace, Dubai says it all.

Let’s not forget her business
Huddah isn’t just known for her looks. The boss chick has a very successful cosmetics line that is making waves in the makeup industry. The star is constantly launching new collections including lush lip-glosses, colorful eye shadow palettes and stunning lipsticks which she’s always wearing in her posts. The star recently posted a new range for Valentine’s day which will be a huge success this season.

She’s got some advice for fans
Huddah Monroe is not only a style icon and successful entrepreneur. She’s a role model for every young girl who wants to make it big. As the personification of a self -made star, Huddah has a lot of advice to give. She believes that in order to be a diva, she’s got to keep her standards high, especially when it comes to men. No dirty men please!  On her only fans page, she revealed how fans could get exclusive advice on how to get a rich old man. Huddah is just tired of the dirty old low lives and appreciates a hardworking man with a vision. 

Of course, an inspiring diva like Huddah deserves only the best!

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