Hamisa Trolled Mercilessly

They all hate her new project

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Hamisa Mobetto is the beauty from the east that gets everybody's mouth wide open when she walks into the room. She does pageants, bore one of Africa's biggest superstars a son, and killed it when it comes to securing a bag for herself and her two children!

What many don't know is that behind the flawless skin and the pleasant face is a lot more than she lets on.
Hamisa has been getting her footing into the music industry for a while now, teasing her now and then with some music videos and photos of herself in the studio.
Well, she kept up her end of the bargain and now she is well on her way to becoming one of Tanzania's biggest stars thanks to her new song that's been playing on the airwaves for a day now and is getting tons of reactions from her fans!
By the way, did you know that Zari dipped her toe into music earlier on whies eh was still married to her late husband called 'Oliwange' and it's still up on youtube!
Her song, called 'Ex Wangu' is a song about a woman that addressed the woman that her ex-boyfriend is currently dating. The song, which starts rather lightly, suddenly jumps into deep issues like the fact that her ex keeps calling her phone, even when he is dating somebody new, This ex keeps telling her he wants her back in his life and she tells the new girlfriend that she must accept that these days each man has two women and that no matter what this new girl does, she will never stop associating with her man.

Well, clearly, this song doesn't just give a hit, it gives a punch!
Tanzanians are over the moon with this song, which has an eerily similar beat and style to Zucu's song 'Nyumba ndogo' which talks about basically the same thing!
Many people generally think it's a funny song because she does not seem like the type to sing such music, others think it's a crazy song but a larger majority have come out in droves to troll her, telling her she can't sing and she should quit it!

Hamisa hasn't responded to any of these trolls as of yet, but it seems like she does not mind the extra attention since her song has become even more famous due to the nature of the music.
Getting into music at this time might not be such a bad idea for Hamisa, with the rumours that she is dating Rick Ross swirling around and even releasing new music right about the time she was allegedly said to have gone to meet him seems like the most strategic thing to do on her part.  who knows, maybe she will be signed into Maybach Music and make it big in Hollywood!
Many would think that her striking beauty would be the reason why she would do well in an industry as cutthroat as this but they might have been wrong! 

What do you think of her music? Will it stand the test of time or is it just a novelty for now? 
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