Hamisa's See-Through Dress Causes Wrangles

Model shows what her mama gave her.

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Hamisa Mobetto has left tongues wrangling after storming out in a see-through dress.

The Tanzanian model on Sunday caused a stir on Instagram after posting a picture of herself while on a vacation in Zanzibar while in a dress that exposed some of her body parts.

From her posts, Hamisa seems to be in the Coastal region together with her boyfriend.

Captioning her photo, the mother of two gave a romantic sentiment asking her mysterious lover to accompany her to a fairy place.

"Let's go somewhere where the stars kiss the ocean. 🌊 🌙 🌟," Hamisa said.

Her statement comes days after she refuted claims that dating American rapper Rick Ross as well as Freddy Vunjabei.

According to Hamisa, she is only talking to the rapper regarding music. She revealed that she is looking forward to working do a music collabo with Ross soon.

"Niko katika mahusiano lakini siko katika mahusiano na Freddy," Hamisa said.

To please her boyfriend during the vacation, Hamisa opted to clad in a dress that had left most social media users talking.

Some of the social media users noted that the singer-cum-model was driving some men crazy with her exposed skin. Others noted that they have been forced to zoom Hamisa's photos so that they have a better view of her skin.

Wale wa kuzoom hamjafika tuone makosa😂😂🙌😂looking lovely Hamisa Mobetto ❤️🔥🔥🔥," one Viokemu wrote.

"Nyieeee Kuna watu Wana kojoa pazuri 😮," another added.

On the other hand, other Instagram followers noted that it is Hamisa's stunning beauty that has even attracted Rick Ross prompting him to comment on her every photo.

Others noted that of all of Diamond Platnumz's baby mamas, it is Hamisa who knows how to dress compared to the rest of them.

Some of the reactions from online users are;

alkindy_seif: Hamisa hata mimi nakupenda sana, lakini kama unataka hela nenda kalee hile mimba ya Marekani😒😒😒.

azizyusuph403: Beautiful baby sweet sweet beautiful truth. Chocolate baby 👍

abdisamira27:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that our girl kweli Domo alimzeesha mdogo wetu, muoneni sasa vile anavyomeremeta🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

amosysangasanga: Hakiamungu tz ikija mbegu ya hilo j2 lililo mng'ang'ania dadae2 hp ndo mbegu za kina mwijaku hizo yan hasala kwa taifa.🙆🏻‍♂️

During the vacation, Hamisa has been spotted on luxurious yachts claiming she is enjoying the time of her life.

Posting a video of American rapper Nicki Minaj speaking, Hamisa insinuated that she is feeling over the moon for she waking up close to the man she loves.

"Have you ever felt like that y'all? When you just, like you wanna be the person that they wake up and think about and you wanna be, like the person that they fall asleep on the phone thinking about," Nicki said in the video

Hamisa's news of dating another man comes months after reports claimed that she had broken up with her African-American man. Other than the American man, Hamisa has been in a relationship with Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz with whom she has sired a child.

Hamisa has also dated Tanzanian media mogul Fred Majizzo who is the father of her firstborn child.
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