Hamisa Mobetto Says No To Violent Relationships

Won't tolerate it

By  | Sep 12, 2021, 04:34 PM  | Hamisa Mobetto  | Top of The

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Tanzania’s sweetheart Hamisa Mobetto has said no to violent relationships. This comes a few days after Wema Sepetu confessed that she misses an abusive ex. In an interview at a radio station, the host asked Hamisa about the debate going around about violence in relationships. At first, she seemed uneasy to answer the question and I could tell what the host was talking about. Hamisa said,

Kwanini unapenda kuniweka kwenye…acha niseme kwa kidogo. For me. Mimi I don’t like violence kabisa kabisa. I don’t believe kwenye kupigwa. I don’t believe kama mwanamke ni kupigwa. Love can be expressed in a loving way than violence. That’s all I can say. 
Wema Sepetu last week made headlines after she revealed that she missed being beaten. She recalled an ex lover who had told her earlier that he would never beat a woman, but with her, he used to beat her after an argument. In a long caption on her social media, she revealed that she really ‘enjoyed’ it. Okay, who would enjoy that? To be beaten? We are aware of celebrities and pulling stunts to make themselves ‘relevant’ and appear on gossip blogs the following day. But I don’t think domestic violence is something to joke about. She went on ahead to talk about, kupigwa na baby wako kuna raha sana.

Her confession didn’t sit well with most people. One of them being Tanzanian socialite Mange Kimambi who took it to social media to express her disappointment in Wema Sepetu who is a public figure claiming that she is spreading the wrong message as far as domestic violence is concerned. After Hamisa’s comment, she went on Instagram again to laud Hamisa by agreeing with her that no relationship should be bound by a violent partner. She finished her caption by saying only toxic people think otherwise.

Both Hamisa and Diamond have dated Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz. Why Diamond’s came up in all this, a Tanzanian journalist by the name Imelda shared a post claiming that the person Wema is talking about is Diamond. Mange as well claimed that Diamond was being violent when he was in a relationship with Wema. As fans, we are torn between what to believe and what not to. Hamisa has never come forward to claim that any of her past lovers have been violent. Let alone Diamond Platnumz.

It seems like Wema’s words were taken seriously by many people- as it should. Wema’s confession has had everyone talking. It’s not every day that a woman comes forward and says she enjoys being beaten by their spouse. All eyes are now on Diamond Platnumz to see whether he is going to respond to the claims since his name came up twice. Diamond has had a number of suitors but only Wema Sepetu has come forward to reveal that one of his lovers was violent and for some weird reasons, his ex’s name, Diamond came up. In one of her latest cooking show episodes, she was with Amber Lulu and again she made the comments, talking about, mimi napenda kupigwa pigwa. To which Amber Lulu doesn’t seem to be agreeing with her.

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