Grace Ekirapa Reveals Last-Minute Decision She Made To Save Her Newborn From Death

Life or death.

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Media personality Grace Ekirapa recently revealed that she had to make a quick decision while in the delivery room to save her newborn's life.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho, the Crossover gospel show noted that her baby could have died had she not made the decision.

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While she did not explain what really happened or how her decision helped save her baby's life, Grace revealed that her maternal instincts really aided her during that moment.
She, however, promised to share a video at a later date that will show what happened in the delivery moments after giving birth and how she saved her daughter's life.

"There is a video that I might post which was specifically for a reason because of the experience and whatever happened. I believe God led me to make a decision and we all agreed after we saw what happened.

"One of the people that I respect a lot to me came up to me and told me to make the decision that a mum would make. It's true. I listened to God I believe I made the right decision and we later realized that it was it and I thank God that I did," she explained.

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Further, Grace revealed that after leaving the hospital she expressed gratitude to God that she listened and was keen to feel the baby and understand what she was like, even when she was in the womb.

Asked whether her husband gave her a push gift after the delivery, the TV host explained that his presence and the help that he gives her with the baby is more valuable than anything in the world.

"He gives me a push gift everyday when he tells me that he loves me, that's more than a push gift. I am grateful for people who send each other push gifts that's really beautiful but every couple has a love language and mine is not just gifts, it's someone's presence.

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"I am allergic to Pascal's absence. Every time he is not home I feel like I can not wait to see him. For me being around him and him being around me, spending time and taking care of the baby is more than a push gift," she added.

Grace also divulged that she does not plan to open an Instagram account for her daughter Jasmine because she feels weird when an infant is talking to her on a post, adding that their baby will be free to make her decision as far as social media goes when she is old enough.

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If you have been wondering when we will see her on our TV screens again you should know that she is resuming in July since her leave ended on June 21.

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