Here's What Will Happen To Ginimbi's Mansion

No one will be living in it...

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Fallen businessman and socialite Genius 'Ginimbi' Kadungure's Domboshava mansion will now become a hotel. This according to a close family member of his who informed News Day Life and Style, following his tragic death.

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His family members said that the oil trader had informed them that should he pass on, nobody would live in his house. He instead wanted a mansion so people could remember him long after his death.

“You know with what has been talked about his wealth, (that he acquired it through unorthodox means), Ginimbi is on record saying no one would occupy his house. He told people that it should be turned into a hotel,” a family insider told the publication.

“He used to say he would want a mausoleum to be built for him such that he will always be remembered by many generations who would visit the hotel.” The family member then added that Ginimbi wanted a statue erected in his honour.

Ginimbi, also famously known as Minister of Entertainment, died on Sunday morning along with his three friends, after his Rolls Royce collided with a Honda Fit along Legacy Way (formerly Borrowdale Road). His vehicle then crashed into a tree, causing the Rolls Royce to burst into flames.

The owner of Dreams Nightlife club, who had just celebrated his 36th birthday, was coming back from fitness bunny  Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Umali's birthday party. He died along with three other friends, Elish, Karim and the birthday girl Moana.

After the crash he was dragged by eye witnesses who say was still alive but 5 minutes later sadly died. The witnesses then tried to help the three other occupants who could not escape from the car. But they failed to do so as the car was ablaze. They were sadly burnt beyond recognition.

His father told the publication that he was not surprised at all because he knows his son to be a speeder, when driving. 

A friend of his who had left the club at the same time as he said he was driving behind Ginimbi on Sunday morning. Rimo said, “We parted ways at the club and he was ahead of me. When I heard he was involved in an accident I couldn’t believe it and when I arrived he was still alive. I am hurt and still in shock. I can’t believe he is gone.”

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