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Happy Birthday Amber Ray

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Amber Ray-Kenyan Socialite
In Kenya, many celebrities have managed to successfully hide their birthdays from the public domain and succeeded.

Well, that said, there also are a number of famous people here in Kenya who have barely made an attempt to hide their dates of birth.

Socialite and self proclaimed ‘successful business person’ Amber Ray is one of them.

The celebrated socialite has since towards the end of October been on the forefront pushing campaigns on her social media to try and see who would like to attend her birthday party.

Are You On The List?

Amber Ray, the flashy and sophisticated socialite, shares a birthday month with November kids. The actress has had a week filled with highlights as she prepares for her big day on November 4th.

If you've been following Amber Ray and paying attention, you'll know she's all about getting down and dirty, as evidenced by her famous motto "life is for the living." As a result, it's safe to anticipate that this is going to be a memorable birthday.

Amber Ray revealed her invitation cards for her invite-only birthday celebration on Instagram, and believe us when we say they look costly and gorgeous. Why should we expect anything less from the socialite on her big day?

The names of individuals who will be attending are printed on the invitation cards, along with details about the theme dress code, which will be all white. The time is also specified, which is from 12:00 p.m. till late at night (thank you President Uhuru for the curfew lift). The invitation also discloses Amber's age, which will be thirty (the card reads [email protected]).

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Amber Ray Addresses Her Relationship With Eric Omondi

Amber Ray revealed that she and comedian Eric Omondi are just friends and have never been in a relationship. Amber Ray invited her Instagram fans to ask her any questions they had during a question and answer session. The comedian, of course, would be the focus of most of the inquiries, as the two have spent a lot of time together in recent days.

With some love eyes emojis, one of her fans responded, "Not a question, but I adore your vibe, all the best with Eric." Lol, we ain't dating, it's just business, Amber Ray said. So now I'm completely perplexed. Amber Ray just went live on Instagram to announce that she is dating Eric Omondi. Then she clarified that the two are only meeting for business concerns. Eric Omondi was added to her live session, and the two began flirting and raving about how nice they looked, err, okayy.

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Amber Ray Is Done With No Effort Men

Are you a toxic person? Doesn't put out any effort in his or her relationships? Well, let me tell you something: you're the type of man Amber Ray wants to leave behind because she's had enough! During a question-and-answer session with her admirers (which she usually has a lot of these days.) Is it possible that she has too much time on her hands?)

Anyway, back to the Q&A, she asked her followers to make a guess about her, and she would reveal whether or not their guess was correct. She appears to be the type of person who will not stay in a relationship just for the sake of it, according to one fan.
That, according to the mother of one, is correct. She made it obvious that she understands that partnerships have ups and downs, but that both parties must work hard. She believes you should do the same if she is willing to. Otherwise, you are free to go your own way.

She went on to say that she doesn't believe in suffering in relationships simply because they've been together for a long period. No. Amber Ray said she isn't interested in that lifestyle. There has never been, and there will never be.

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