Fans to Jalang’o: Chunga Huyo Madam

Ms. Nyamu’s birthday message

By  | Apr 29, 2021, 03:56 PM  | Top of The

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After Karen Nyamu claimed musician Samidoh in public, to which the latter didn’t do the same, fans now see her as a clown. Netizens refer to her as a side chick. That must hurt, right? After the scandal, she still posted a video of her and Samidoh and fans were convinced that she is obsessed. 

Since then, Karen has had it easy on social media, especially Instagram. Everyone is always watching what she is posting and who she is with. If only she could hide somewhere, impossible. 

Everyone is now judging her. Nowadays, as soon as she posts something, fans are always ready to say something. Mean words, to be precise. 

Recently, Jalang’o celebrated his birthday, and as usual, fellow celebrities flooded his Instagram with happy birthday messages. Karen Nyamu was not left behind. She posted the photo below to wish Jalang’o a happy birthday. She wrote:

Immediately, people started attacking her. Some called her a husband snatcher. Below are a few of the comments.

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