Ezekiel Mutua To Come To Bridget’s Rescue?

Deputy Jesus Ezekiel!

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By now, you probably know who Bridget Achieng is. But, for those who don’t know, let us help you. Bridget is a controversial city socialite whose nudes were leaked over the weekend, and since then, she has been trending for the wrong reasons on Twitter. Fans have been calling her out, saying she has a ‘disgusting’ body. 

One fan of Bridget’s reached out to the CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board to intervene on the issue of Bridget’s nudes being leaked online. The fan wrote: 

Good morning I see how you follow up on music with bad content that’s good but how about the people who post other people’ s nudity on social media without thinking if someone has a family or not. I am talking about Edgar Obare who posted Bridget Achieng nudes on Instagram even after she begged him not to do it because she has a son………..One day see it but he did not listen. Now who fights for us women who are body shamed and abused and bullying on social media. It is not right for anyone to just wake up and think of people people’s nudity

The fan's point is valid, but truth be told, the nudes were out there before blogger Edgar Obare decided to post them. Tables have now turned, and the blame has shifted to the blogger.

Before everything went haywire, Bridget was seen pleading with the blogger not to post the photos. 

People will say anything…I’m here for business…” Bridget said.

“Are you serious you want to post me naked…Do not do that…for my sons sake…I’m already going through too much.

Bridget has been trending for the worst reasons. The socialite is not the only celebrity who has had their nudes leaked. Celebrities like Crème de La Crème and singer Avril have had their fair share regarding nudes being leaked on social media. We must admit that DJ Crème saw and heard it all. He also trended for quite some time. If you are on social media, chances are you have probably come across Crème’s video. 

However, this did not make them lose focus on what they were into. Avril went back to release songs as she is supposed to; as for the DJ, he has since then maintained a shallow profile. 

Hopefully, people will forget about Bridget’s incident. Yeah, the internet doesn’t forget, but…

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