Esther Musila’s Precious Advice To Her, Guardian Angel's Children

There is no substitute for a mother’s love

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Popular social media personality, Esther Musila recently shared some precious advice with her three very grown-up children as they go through life. 

Gilda Naibei, Jama, and Kim are Esther's three children, two boys, and one girl. They are 30-years-old, 27-years-old, and 24-years-old, respectively. Esther is a proud mother to her 3 children, whom she affectionately refers to as the 3Gs. She recently took to Instagram Stories to share some of her insightful comments with her children.
Image of Esther Musila's three kids. Photo credit Classic 105.

To her sons, Jama, and Kim, Esther noted that no matter where she is they should know that she loves them. She further noted that her assurance of love for her boys should make them find some comfort in their life.

To her daughter, Gilda, Esther noted that no matter what she goes through she should take pride in knowing that she is her mother’s daughter. Esther further noted that she should know that she is braver, stronger, and more loved than she actually knows.

What beautiful advice to her beautiful kids, Esther recently got married to the love of her life popular musician Guardian Angel. The pairs’ relationship has always been something that Kenyan netizens have made fun of because of their age difference. Esther is 52-years-old and Guardian is 32-years-old.
The fact that Guardian is closer to her kids’ age than hers did not stop her from saying “I do” during their recently concluded wedding ceremony. The age difference only seems to bother social media in-laws as they are often commenting about it.

The actual in-laws, however, seem to be okay with the union as Esther’s kids were front and center at their lavish private wedding to support their mother as she gets a new lease of life. The two who were present at the wedding (according to the photos shared by Esther) were Gilda and Jama. 

They were looking happy at the ceremony and even took photos with Guardian, who is their stepfather now, as they shared in the happy moment as one big happy family. Do you think Esther’s kids respect Guardian Angel as a father figure or just as a friend?   

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