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So Diamond Platnumz turned 32 over the weekend and of course, we were going to hear about it, of course, it's Diamond, I wouldn’t expect otherwise. Her sister Esmaz Platnumz decided to go all the way and gift him an iPhone 13 that is worth one hundred and seventy thousand Kenyan shillings! Would you believe it? I am here struggling with my old Tecno, but here is Esmaz, going to the bank, withdrawing almost two hundred thousand to buy Diamond a gift? First of all, I hope my sisters are seeing what other sisters are doing to their siblings because hapana. They can't be getting me birthday cards while Dimond is here getting the latest iPhone, which by the way he can afford to buy himself.

By the way, a section of online users is wondering why Esmaz gifted Diamond with such a gift, I mean, he can actually afford to buy even three of those. Anyway, maybe Diamond was taking his sweet time and Esmaz was like, err, you know what, I will just make this easier for him.

Diamond’s family threw him the party of the year. They hired a band to serenade him at a party and honestly, Diamond behaved like a kid, in a good way. He was so happy. From the video shared by Esmaz, even mama Dangote was present at the party.

Apart from Diamond, do you know who else turned three? Naseeb Junior himselfu. Tanasha posted a photo of Naseeb wearing white and boy! Hasn’t he grown? Wasn’t this fella just born the other day? And now, here is, growing up very fast! Anyway, so Diamond, like a good father, decided to wish his son a happy birthday. What he did was post the same picture that Tanasha posted and had a white love emoji as his captions. His comment section blew up with fans telling him to find a better way of wishing his son a happy birthday. Was he forced to do it? Personally, I think, either way, the naysayers would still have something to say. If he had gone deep into it, fans would be like, oh, he is back with Tanasha, bla bla bla. So I think Diamond did whatever he felt was right.

Also, Tanasha Donna hinted that she is in Zanzibar. You already know what that means. Did he meet with Diamond for the sake of Naseeb or what? or, it was just that she wanted to go to Zanzibar? Anyway, it is free to do so, right? Tanasha can go to any place that she would want to, and that doesn’t mean a thing. 

Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond’s other baby mama also wasn’t left behind. She went on and posted Naseeb as she wished him a happy birthday. It’s like Hamisa and Tanasha have nothing against each other. We love to see it.

Is it too late two wish father and son happy birthday? Well, as long as it is still October, it is their birthday until we say it is not! May this new year bring them nothing but positive vibes. 

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