The Man Behind Eric Omondi's Money Moves

And find out his roles beyond securing the bag

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Every Achilles needs his Patroclus, David his Jonathan and the same is true for our good friend Eric Omondi who has Anthonio The MC. Eric Omondi is a successful comedian by every translation of the word but he is not a lone wolf. And that is where Anthonio The MC comes in.

Do you guys remember reading The Wizard of Oz in primary school? If you do then Eric Omondi is the mighty wizard. The man behind the curtain is Anthonio. Enough background, let's jump right into it.

Eric Omondi has been making some serious money moves. I think we can all agree that we are seeing him secure the bag right? From being so in demand that he is now the price setter (seller's market) to him going as far as increasing his rates.

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And the pièce de résistance is him now working with Jimmy Wanjigi as his main campaigner. I mean, he even got a car from the entire deal -a Chrysler Crossfire that is just sweet!

Anthonio comes in here. Together, they have a company, Big Tyme Entertainment and while Eric Omondi is the CEO, his friend is the Managing Director. His role apart from running the business day-to-day running is to oversee and manage Eric Omondi's business interests -reminds me of how Jay Z says he is the business!

And because he is a comedian and MC himself, he often works as Eric Omondi's curtain-raiser and hype man. So whenever you sign Eric Omondi on for a show, be sure Anthonio will be the hypeman of choice.

Anthonio is also -and this is where you really need to pay close attention- Eric Omondi's personal trainer and accountability buddy. Yup. All those videos you have seen of Eric Omondi in the gym? Heck, even the mere fact that he is in the gym is purely down to Anthonio (who by the way is also called Noriega). And his body is actual proof of why Eric Omondi wants to hit the gym.

And should things ever get hairy, he is Eric Omondi's first line of defence as he is the comedian's bodyguard! Yup, he is an avid self-defence enthusiast so it goes without saying that the man has got hands. So if you ever try to get fresh with Eric Omondi, utajua hujui!

Talk about being a man of many hats! Yaani our guy here is truly a jack of all trades. He is the one-stop-shop for Eric Omondi. He does his work with such dedication that Eric Omondi is free to focus on making us laugh. Or pushing Jimmy Wanjigi's campaign.

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