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The emporer's new clothes

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Eric Omondi just released a revised rate card of how much it will cost to hire him for a comedic performance or an MCing gig and this time, it is even more specific and depends on whether you want him topless or not. If you want him to wear a shirt then that will set you back Ksh 500,000 but if you want him to perform topless, that will cost you Ksh 750,000.

And the post he shared on his social media accounts declaring the evolution of his rate card excited netizens with none other than Madam Boss, Akothee, also known as President of Single Mothers commenting, asking how much it would cost to have him perform sans pants. This comment elicited uproarious laughter from those replying with many posting laughing face emojis.

The new rate card is a more specific update to the performance demands he made back on August 9, 2021, in which he demanded a helicopter as his means of transportation. His first entrance to an event, Luo Festival, in a chopper was well received and his fans went crazy seeing "the president of African comedy" arrive and leave on the same chopper.

However, his latest offering to perform bare-chested is his attempt at taking advantage of his newly crafted body. You see, mtu wetu anajaribu kuwa bazu so he has been in the gym grinding hard. Two weeks ago he even shared a video of himself doing "over-head presses" which is a type of shoulder exercise.

And since we all know that absolutely no one works on their body to keep it hidden under layers and layers of clothing, this is a clear sign that he intends to be paid for all the pain he endures and sweat he spills while working to get an entirely new body. He loves the changes he sees in himself.

Over on his Facebook account though, the comments weren't as positive as they were from his Instagram fans with his fans and followers attempting to rain in on his parade.

However, he took it all on the chin and kept smiling and laughing especially because he is doing so (laughing) all the way to the bank.

But Eric Omondi is not the only East African star to put out an outrageous rate card and performance riders. Let us take a quick gander at some of his peers' rate cards and riders:

#1. Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz for instance demands a private jet chartered for him, his manager and his entire crew of dancers and band. This is after he has been paid Ksh 7 million per show.

#2. Trio Mio

The young popular rapper recently released his rate card that featured the cost for him to feature on a collabo with fellow artists and festival performances. For these he charges Ksh 20,000 for collaborations, exclusive interviews go for Ksh 10,000. And if you want Trio Mio to perform at your festival, you'll have to part with anywhere from Ksh 50,000 – Ksh 100,000 depending on the length of the performance. The cheapest option gets you a 20minutes performance but top dollar gets you an hour.

#3. Nadia Mukami

Her rate card is inclusive of her social media charges. For an IG post, she charges Ksh 100,000 per post and this rate swells to Ksh 500,000 for a campaign that runs for an entire week.

Note that all the above-mentioned celebrities demand half of their rates as booking fees. This is the only time they will start with hyping and pushing the event. The last half must hit their accounts before they set foot on the stage.

The way the rest of us were told by our parents that our dreams were futile, you'd best believe I am going to ensure my children learn all their Sunday school songs by heart and never skip any of their school talent shows. Lazima watengeneze hio mkwanja!

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