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What the KES 144 million will really do

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Eric Omondi has just announced the real thing that he will be doing in his grand KES 141million mansion and the people are… confused?

Eric took to his Instagram this morning to finally reveal what he had had in store for the 19th of this month and the people aren’t too sure what to think of this situation. Eric Omondi had been all up on Instagram for the majority of the month responding to trolls that were hating on his new house, talking about his official housewarming and a big announcement that he was going to make this month.

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Well, as it turns out, the house will be getting used for… and get this, the third season of Wife Material!

So, that only means that Eric bought this house for the purpose of shooting the show, and not much else, as it seems.

The last time they attempted shooting the third edition of Wife Material, it was reported that shooting had to stop because the contestants were becoming too hot-headed with each other, and the fights got nastier and nastier. 

However, he promised in a long post that he would be back, and wife material would come back stronger than before in a manner that would ensure the contestants were ‘comfortable and having the time of their lives’. 

The show had also previously found itself under scrutiny by the KFCB for indecent content in its past season, leading to another cancellation.

Eric Omondi had been in social media’s hot seat over the past week or so for the claims that he had not in fact bought the house that Wife Material will be produced in. In fact, he had been under so much pressure from the public that he was forced to produce the title deed belonging to the house, and even dared Edgar Obare to follow him to the Ministry Of Lands, if he wanted to be so sure of his accusations…

The house was said to be an Airbnb that he had leased, and truthfully, the fact that he will be shooting it there only served to strengthen these rumours.

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After all, Eric is sort of known for his antics in the name of publicity, like some other celebs we all know well and love.

He has not yet begun proper advertisement for Wife Material but it seems like the comedian is a whole lot more confident in the show this time around, considering he really had bought this house.
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