Eric Omondi Heads to Uganda Amid Cross-Dressing Drama

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Comedian Eric Omondi seems not to care what Kenyans have to say about him as he heads for another show in Uganda. Eric Omondi through his Instagram account on Thursday, August 4, revealed that he was traveling to the East African show for a performance.

Eric Omondi documented his entire journey from arriving at the airport to landing in Uganda. Omondi shared the video of him arriving in a sleek silver Range Rover in front of an airplane waiting for him.

The comedian is then welcomed into the plane where he goes into the cabin and greets the pilots who are waiting to take him to Uganda.

Eric Omondi then heads back to his seat and is flanked by his no-nonsense bodyguards who sit a row in front of him.

The comedian, via his Instagram stories, shared his arrival videos in Uganda where he was received and processed then taken in a red Range Rover convertible.

Eric Omondi also shows his team preparing themselves for the show that is set to happen this weekend.

The comedian recently found himself in unchartered waters as he caused an eruption of negative comments from Kenyans who watched his latest show.

Eric debuted his Divalicious persona and brought 'her' to his new show that featured socialite Shakila.

The two started with a pissing contest over who is the queen, as they compared their boobs, butts and flat tummys. Divalicious then made fun of Shakilla's Luhya name which Shakilla says is at least better than Shikwekwe. Keen observers would know this was a subliminal shade towards Vera Sidika as they know that Shikwekwe is Vera's middle name.

Up next in her socialite t,akedowns Shakilla went for Mishi Dorah who was in deep legal trouble recently. When Divalicious brought up Mishi, Shakilla snapped back at her over just the mention of the name- calling Mishi a tier two socialite and not in her league.

Divalicious, Eric Omondi's persona on the show, sat through the entire socialite roasting that Shakila was bringing.

The attention was then directed to Eric Omondi after Kenyans noted the cross-dressing was now becoming a thing for him.

The most featured question was if there is something Eric Omondi is not telling us, or if there is something he is trying to tell us about himself. You will note that this is not the first time Eric Omondi has come out cross-dressed and the habit has become frequent prompting his followers to question his sexuality.

His fans appeared to be sharply divided between the entertainment aspect of his art and his sexuality. Eric is however in a relationship with a lady by the name of Lynne but some felt, that is not enough to convince them that he is straight.

He joins other notable personalities who have also left their fans with more questions than answers concerning their sexuality. The most famous of these is Tiktok cross-dresser Kinuthia. Kinuthia has over and over again avoided the question of whether he is a member of the LGBTQ community but going by his lifestyle a lot of people are already sold out to that thought.

Make-up artists Dennis Karuri is also another Kenyan man who is famous for his feminine energy that exudes his fans sometimes.

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